How to Check Your Car for Flood Damage?

flood damage

2018 has seen record numbers in terms of rainfall and flooding has struck the entire country. More than houses, cars have seen the devastating effects of this natural disaster. If you’ve been within or near a flood, you are required to check your car for any damage. From a security perspective, you have to make…

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Why is Having a Cabin Air Filter More Important Than Ever?

a cabin air filter

With fires burning seemingly more accidents now more than ever, security isn’t a guarantee if you own a car and stuck near a wildfire. Organizations throughout the area recommend drivers check their car for ash or other fire-produced debris regularly. A particular emphasis has been put on having a cabin air filter. But why are…

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How to Ensure the Brake System is Functioning Properly?

brake system

For a safe vehicle, there is nothing more important than a functioning brake system. It determines the safety of your life and the lives of other people on the road. Before the winter months pass, you should check the brake system and see if there are any issues. Sometimes, it’s too late to see a…

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Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Mechanical problems are common in all vehicles. And more common if timely services are not taken care of. It’s a good idea to know which repairs are the most common for all vehicle owners? In this article, we will explore all the common malfunctions and the best ways to prevent and treat them. Car safety…

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Find Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing Near Me

mobile auto detailing near me

You likely have a ton of places around you locally that are great for getting your car cleaned. But, have you ever really considered the reasons why keeping your car clean is important? If you want your car detailed and don’t feel like spending hours reading reviews on the best place then go with a…

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Car Interior Cleaning in Los Angeles & Many More Areas

car interior cleaning in los angeles

Let’s be real, you probably don’t clean the interior of your car as often as you think or even as often as you wish you could. Yet you probably have designated days to get your laundry done, chore lists on cleaning your bathroom and bedrooms? You might even have a habit of unloading and reloading…

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Mobile Car Wash Bellflower is Now Available!

mobile car wash bellflower

As a Bellflower resident or someone who lives near, you’re probably more concerned about what you can do on the weekend than how long you can spend waiting in a car wash line to get your car detailed. If you’d rather spend your Saturday and Sunday seeing all that Bellflower has to offer check out…

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Get Mobile Auto Detailing San Diego Today

mobile auto detailing san diego

Let’s set the scene:  You’ve just had your car detailed by one of our skilled and wonderful Mobile Wash washers and you are ready to hit the town and find something to eat. If you’re in the San Diego area we have a few suggestions in mind where you can take a fun clean ride…

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Benefits of Having Your Car Washed Regularly

having your car washed regularly

Washing your car is important for a multitude of reasons. Some people do it every Sunday to have their ride shine for the new week. At the same time, others do it only when the car is very dirty. Whether in a hand car wash in Los Angeles or a car wash app, the benefits are…

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Why is Washing-up Liquid Bad for Your Car

washing up liquid

Holidays and weekends are the most popular times for washing your car. To save money, many people opt to do it themselves, instead of using a car wash app or going to a hand car wash in Los Angeles. Rather than pay for services, people use washing-up liquid, which can create disasters over time. Why…

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