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Car Detailing Everywhere with Mobile App

A MobileWash washer doing a tire-dressing for a black BMW for a car cleaning and mobile car detailing service.


One common misconception among most car owners is that car detailing and car washing are the same thing, when in fact they are quite different. Our service goes beyond your normal car wash and leaves your car spotlessly clean both inside and outside. Unlike normal car washing, detailing your car won’t involve the use of an automated system. Instead, professional car detailers will hand wash your car.

There are two types of car wash detailing: interior and exterior car detailing. 


Interior Car Detailing

The inner beauty of your car is important, and it requires more time and effort than exterior detailing. A dirty interior not only causes a bad odor but also causes operational problems. Stains interfere with the switches, hazy windows can obscure your vision, and dirty fumes can spread allergens in the car cabin. For these reasons, cleaning the interior of your car will take more than washing with soap and water. 

A professional car detailer will follow standard processes when cleaning the interior of your car, including:

  • Vacuuming: This is the first step to cleaning your car interior. Your professional car detailer will vacuum the seats, cargo area, headliners, and the trunk. For the best results, floor mats should be cleaned separately. Using a vacuum and an air compressor will help clean areas that are more difficult to reach. 
  • Glass cleaning: Your car detailer will use a car cleaner to clean the glass. The result will be a sparkling glass that won’t block your view. 
  • Brushing and steaming: This will help clean your mats and carpets. Brushing helps remove accumulated stains and blemishes. However, while a steam cleaner is necessary, for the best result, carpets should be left outside to dry. This is necessary to avoid mildew
  • Leather trimming: Saddle soap, leather soap, and a leather cleaner are essential when it comes to cleaning all leather parts of your vehicle. 
  • Perfuming: While cleaning is necessary to give your car interior a new look, a deodorant will give your car a new scent.


Exterior Car Detailing

This isn’t just a quick wash like that of an automated machine. A professional car detailer will restore your car’s shine, minimize the scratches, and apply a sealant. 

Common exterior car detailing processes include:

  • Hand washing: unlike your usual car wash, professional service is done by hand. Before cleaning your car, the first step is to spray it with a special, high-powered spray. This is followed by a full hand wash on the glass, rims, door jambs, and all other exterior parts. 
  • Polishing: It is normal for your car to lose its shine after using it for some time. By polishing it, a professional car detailer will help restore its original polish. 
  • Sealing: Sealant and wax can be used to give your car a glossy shine. Waxing your car will also protect it from the sun rays, thus preventing the paint from oxidation, discoloring, or fading.

Apart from these exterior processes, there are other additional services like engine detailing, trim repainting, engine pressure cleaning, headlight polishing, paint touch up, and bumper repairs, among others. 


car detailing


Mobile Auto Detailing

While some car owners wash their vehicles on a daily basis, others won’t head to the car wash until they find the words “PLEASE WASH ME” inscribed on the dust, mud, or pollen on their car’s exterior. However, with your busy schedule, you can’t afford to spend your valuable time at a busy car wash. 

If you’re a busy professional and you want to take care of your car, you should highly consider hiring a mobile auto detailing company. Instead of waiting for long hours at a car wash, you will receive personalized services from a trusted professional right at your home. 

Benefits of Mobile Car Detailing

  • Save money: MobileWash gives you better value for your money. You won’t need a large facility or workforce to support. 
  • Save time: A mobile car detailer will come to you, and you won’t need to wait at a busy car wash. Therefore, you can relax in the comfort of your home or proceed with your daily activities.
  • Personalized services: You won’t have to choose from various packages offered at a typical traditional car wash. Instead, you’re able to customize your services including cleaning, scratch removal, and polishing, among other services. 

Work with an Experienced Mobile Car Detailing Professional

At your local traditional car wash, you will never know who will work on your car. Therefore, the quality of work will vary after each visit. However, to get the perfect result after every visit, consider working with a trusted mobile car detailing professional. To schedule your next mobile car detailing service, visit Mobile Wash, and download the app to locate a professional mobile car detailer near you.