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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Premium Camry


Whittier, California

"I had heard all of the radio promotion from this company and figured I would give it a try. I think I heard them on AM870, or KFI, one of those. Anyway, I was able to get on-demand car detailing service to my workplace in Whittier. I liked what they did so much that I had my wife’s car detailed at our home in La Habra the following day. Really cool and innovative app."

Premium BMW

Sabe G.


"Very convenient when always in the go! They came to my hse. & took care of my car while I worked. Left it looking amazing. No hassle & easy app to use & set up."

Deluxe VW

Friend S.

Los Angeles, CA

"I really like the job MobileWash did on my dirty car.  They arrived on time, were very professional, and stayed for about 50 minutes for the premium wash.  It’s very clean and shiny for 50 minutes on a dirty car! Thank you!"

Premium Kia

Jax B.

Los Angeles, CA

"Matthew did an amazing job and was even early. Which I loved. Great work and easy to use app. Will use again. Thanks!"

Premium Mazda

Keith B.

Burbank, CA

"I had my first Mobile Wash with Guadalupe this morning! This service exceeded my expectations! For the same price as going to the car wash they came to my house and washed mine and my wife’s cars in no time! They were professional and on time and finished fast! I will never go to a traditional car wash again!"

Deluxe Jeep

Mandeep K.

Pomona, CA

"First and foremost, it’s so comforting to have a service come to your residence and not have to worry about the wait at a normal car wash. The contractors came out on time and did an immaculate job on my car inside and out. I’ll definitely be a returning customer. Rick and Krystal thank you for your service! Highly recommended to anybody with a busy schedule and want to get more out of your wash! Thank you"

Deluxe GMC

Joanne M.

Anaheim, CA

"So awesome!! First time was this morning and Raul was fantastic!! He was professional, courteous, and efficient. I will use this service again… only thing is it’s like Uber- you can’t request someone (I’d totally request him again!), it’s totally random. Car was shiny and perfect and he didn’t bother me once for anything (like hose, or ladder or whatnot)."

Deluxe Chevrolet

Monet D.

Los Angeles, CA

"Emmanuel just washed my car and he did an excellent quick awesome efficient job. And he was so nice. My car is super spotless and shiny. I love this service. And I got my car washed at my own convenience.  I will be using this place again."

Deluxe Toyota Camry

Tamara H.

Los Angeles, CA

"Very convenient, had it done at my work parking lot. I called them to make sure that was an acceptable place and the lady said as long as security doesn’t tell them anything it should be fine. I got interior/exterior done no wax and it looks as shiny as if it was waxed. The interior was cleaned in every nook and cranny that my regular car wash does. Overall very convenient, great prices, great staff, very easy transaction. I will be using it again."

Premium Nissan Rogue

Julie H

Whittier, CA

"Well, my car was pretty icky with 2 grandkids but Raul did an amazing job….. on time, clean presentation, pleasant and efficient. I will keep this app ( and request Raul)  in the future!!!!!"

Premium Porsche


Chatsworth, California

"MobileWash came to my work in Chatsworth and did a great job detailing my Porsche Macan. My time is valuable and I was able to have the service performed at work during a meeting. It was a really great experience."

Premium Lexus


Los Angeles, California

"Really nice app. Smooth ordering process. I enjoyed having the service come to me. I did not have to waste my time at the car wash. I have tried other car wash apps and this is definitely the best. Will be a repeat customer."

Deluxe Elantra


Hawaiian Gardens, California

"Oh my god what an amazing app. Number 2 after uber, easiest most convenient way to wash your car. Never going back to regular car wash again.????????????????????????????????????????"

Deluxe Lexus


Lancaster, California

"Love using MobileWash and would recommend to anyone! It’s super convenient and efficient. The guys are always friendly and they do a great job. It’s the only way that I like my car washed."

Mindy W.

Los Angeles, CA

"Highly recommended! The MobileWash team is always on time, they are friendly and they do work very quick. I love that I can get my car wash done while I get ready to go about my day. Thank you MobileWash for the great service!"

Geoff L.

Woodland Hills

"Fantastic service! This was my first experience with MobileWash and I am now a true fan. Booking was simple, costs are shown up front. The prices are comparable to a full service car wash...the only difference is that the car wash comes to you and you get personal service. My washer, Jose, was incredible. He was on time, very professional, courteous and really did an amazing job. I got the deluxe package and added a clay bar wax...my car looks better than the day I got it. Very happy to have found this service!"

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