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Mobile Car Wash Los Angeles

Los Angeles, often abbreviated as L.A., is the most populated city in California. It is also the second most populated city in the entire United States. Los Angeles is the cultural, financial and commercial center of Southern California. It has another nickname, the “City of Angels” mostly because of its Spanish meaning, LA is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, divine cuisine, Hollywood, a sprawling metropolis, and other various media entertainment industries.

The city’s Hollywood region has become recognized as the center of the motion picture industry, as well as, being associated as being the center of the television industry. Los Angeles hosts the annual, Grammy Awards, the Primetime Emmy Awards, and the prestigious Academy Awards. Along with awards comes education, L.A. is the location of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, it is also the oldest film school in the United States.


There are over 841 museums and art galleries in L.A. County. There are more museums per capita than any other city in the entire world. Some notable includes: the Los Angeles County Museum of art, which is the largest art museum in the Western United States, the Getty Center, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the National History Museum, the Huntington Library, the Museum of Contemporary Art, all along with, Gallery Row, a place where over ten thousand attend the monthly Downtown Art Walk.

Media & Celebrities

The Los Angeles metro area is the second-largest broadcast designated market area in the United States. The four include networks, like, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Along with visual media, Los Angeles also has regional press, starting with, the Los Angeles Register, LA Weekly, L.A. Record, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Some notable celebrities include, writer and director, Paul Thomas Anderson, singer, Paula Abdul, actor, Ben Affleck, actress, Christina Applegate, former dancer and actor, Fred Astaire, actor, Warren Beatty, actor, Jeff Bridges, film director, Michael Bay, former writer, Ray Bradbury, Olympic fencer, Nick Bravin, gay rights activist, Chaz Bono, actor, Josh Brolin, actor, Creed Bratton, former author, Charles Bukowski, actress from Halloween (1978), Jamie Lee Curtis, and the King of Pop, formerly deceased, Michael Jackson.

Lifestyle App

MobileWash can be trusted to really take care of performing a solid wash, especially in Los Angeles. Machine washes can be inconsistent and miss the nuances of cleaning your particular car, and even hand washes are subject to the abilities of the washers working that day. Sometimes, when it’s the end of a long shift, a hand washer might just be going through the motions.

Since you live in the best city on Earth, and you know that’s undeniably the true, you understand that your lifestyle should match your vehicle. Go out to a museum, visit a college game, act, write that screenplay, go to the market, visit landmarks, but most of all do it in a beautiful, detailed, unapparelled ride.


At MobileWash, we go the extra mile by wiping down the door handles and seals, cleaning both sides of your windows, vacuuming the interior and taking care of your console and dashboard. Our mobile car detailing service is even more exacting, including a wiping down of the entire car interior, right down to the trim. Our car detailers will even clean and condition the leather, perform light stain removal and dress any exterior plastics before finishing off their work with a full body wax of the car’s exterior.

The result is a deep, thorough cleaning and restoration of your car’s appearance. Added to that is the convenience of our mobile service, where a MobileWash specialist comes right to you. When our washer takes off for the day, they will leave you with a car that looks as good as the day you drove off the lot. You live the pristine L.A. lifestyle, it’s time your car shares that look. It’s like they say, you’re only as good as the goods around. Think suave-er. Download MobileWash!

Auto Detailing

When searching for auto detailing near me and car wash near me, clients consistently choose MobileWash. That’s because we offer custom pricing. It’s based on your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Now when you search for a mobile car wash you can order it from the comfort of your home or work. Keep your day moving along while we do the work! With an unbeatable convenience, pricing structure, and quick response, MobileWash is clearly the best mobile car wash app. We have car detailing packages and pricing for everyone’s needs and budget. “Express” covers the vehicle’s exterior, “Deluxe” does the interior and the exterior, while “Premium” provides the best, most thorough car cleaning.

To customize the car wash to a vehicle’s exact needs, add-ons are available. Not only that. We know that every vehicle is unique and different. That’s why MobileWash offers different prices for each type of vehicle. This way, MobileWash makes sure you get the car wash that you want.

For a mobile car wash that fits into your schedule and budget, download the MobileWash app. You can even track your on-demand car detailing service provider’s location in real-time at the push of a button. Download MobileWash now and experience the nation’s favorite way to wash to a car! Easily schedule appointments and pay through the best auto detailing app around.

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