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A Mobile Auto Car Wash In Los Angeles That Treats Your Auto Right

A MobileWash washer spraying foam on a white Honda Accord for an auto detail and car detailing service.

At MobileWash, we know we have a lot of competition. We compete with all of the car washes in your area. On top of that, we compete with other mobile car wash services, too. That’s why we’re always looking for more ways to make MobileWash stand out from the rest. From the dynamic pricing of our app service to the “Wash Now” option to our top quality detailers and the ways we check on them, we make sure to give our customers as much as possible. A mobile auto car wash in Los Angeles could be just what your car needs.

mobile auto car wash in los angeles

Mobile Auto Car Wash in Los Angeles Dynamic Pricing

Your car is unique. Not just because it’s your car, but because it’s different from many other cars on the road. We believe that should factor into your car wash, too. If you don’t have an overly large vehicle, you shouldn’t have to pay the same price for a car wash that they would. In our MobileWash database, we’ve priced thousands and thousands of vehicles. Your vehicle is almost assuredly within that database. So, when you get a car wash from us, you’ll get one at a price that’s absolutely right for your vehicle. That way, you don’t have to pay too much for a car wash.

“Wash Now”

When most of us schedule a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, we want it to occur as quickly as possible. So, the app shows us the drivers in our area and then picks one. We can do the same for your car wash if you’d like. When you use the “Wash Now” option, you can have a car wash as quickly as possible. Just as with the rideshares, we’ll show you the available detailers in your area, and you can pick one. From there, they can be to your location as quickly as possible to get your car washed. This level of convenience is unparalleled in the industry, as we’re the only true on-demand car wash service currently available.

Vetted Detailers and Quality Control

Someone doesn’t just join MobileWash. We don’t recruit out of some online ad. Our mobile auto detailers have been in the industry, they’ve done the work before. We put them through a rigorous vetting process before they earn the right to have the MobileWash decal on the side of their vehicle. However, our vetting process doesn’t end once they become MobileWash detailers. Our quality control experts go out into the field frequently and check up on our detailers, to make sure that they’re doing a great job. By watching them in action, it’s one more way that we can make sure you’re getting the best car wash experience.

Treat your Vehicle, Treat Yourself

No one likes to drive around with a dirty vehicle. In southern California, as quickly as grime can accumulate on your vehicle, it’s important to get your vehicle washed frequently. Scheduling with MobileWash is easy, and many of our customers sign up for a weekly or monthly service. You can start the process today by downloading our app.