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A Mobile Wash in Pomona for All Seasons

A MobileWash washer does a car cleaning on a red Ford Mustang with black rims for a mobile detailing service.

There are cities that are built for summer, and then there is Pomona. Pomona is a fantastic place to enjoy in any season, but it’s especially nice in summer. Warm and sunny, with a city feel that’s never too rushed, Pomona is a great place to visit or even just pass through on your way in or out of Los Angeles. Whether you live in Pomona or are traveling, a mobile wash in Pomona can keep your car clean no matter what time of year it is. There are plenty of fantastic MobileWash detailers who can make your car look as great as it can.

mobile wash in pomona

Keeping Your Car Clean on a Trip

Summer is the perfect time to travel. With the kids out of school and the weather nice throughout the United States, so many travel to or from Los Angeles. In that time, you might pass through Pomona. At MobileWash, we offer interior and exterior cleaning, so that your car looks how you want it to look. Often, people will ask us, “How can I keep the interior of my car looking nice between washes?” There are many ways to do so, but one of the best tips is to just to stay organized. The more organized you are, the better you’ll be able to handle what life throws at you on your journey.

A Place for Everything

For many of us, before our mobile auto detailers get there, the last thing we have to do is pick up everything that’s on the floors of our car. Front seat, back seat and maybe even on the seats: so many of us have receipts, wrappers and everything else that we want to pick up before anyone cleans the interior of our car. Having a place to put each of these items comes in so handy. Keeping a small trash can or even bag that you empty at regular intervals goes a long way towards making your car interior look fantastic. Another good idea, which can save you time and money, is to have a small box or even envelope that you put receipts in. That way, you can keep them for tax time and they won’t be all over the floor, either.

Food and Feet

Whenever possible, it’s best for the interior that you don’t eat in your car. Obviously, not everyone can do this. Sometimes, when you have kids, or you have to get to a certain place quickly, you have to eat. If so, the trash can/bag comes in quite handy. By that same token, whether you’re five years old or a 105 (or everything in between) stamping your feet before you get in the car helps keep some unwanted dirt, grime, sand or anything else.

Our Mobile Wash in Pomona

By following the above tactics, you should have a car interior that looks good between washes. When the time comes to making your car look incredible inside and out, MobileWash detailers can get it down. Download our app here today.