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A Mobile Car Wash: How Does it Work?

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Why Should You Consider a Mobile Car Wash Service?

What is your car saying about you? How often do you wash it to maintain its appearance? Perhaps not as regularly as you should, and that’s why a mobile car wash service like MobileWash is the best solution. MobileWash has changed how people take care of their vehicles, and it is the best option if you lead a busy life. This means that you can freshen up your car without having to sacrifice your schedule. Here are some great reasons why you should make the switch to MobileWash.

1. You Won’t Get Stuck in Traffic

You now know that you should keep your car clean to maintain your image. But first things first, you have to drive to the car wash. Driving for a short distance during rush hour can take several minutes or even hours. Nothing is as frustrating as getting stuck in traffic while trying to complete a simple task. On top of that, you will likely have to wait behind a long line of cars once you do get to the car wash. This means waiting for more than half an hour before your car is cleaned. The main advantage of a mobile car wash service like MobileWash is that a professional will come to you and work on your timeline. What’s more, their mobile application makes scheduling for car wash and car detailing services easier. 



2. Get Value for Your Money

If you actually make it and wait for an automated wash, what will you pay for? Are you getting value for your money? An automated machine wash cannot match a hand car wash by a professional. In fact, it may be damaging your car’s paint. MobileWash provides great value for every dollar spent by professionally hand washing and detailing your car. MobileWash partners with only experienced detailers that have undergone an extensive background check and are insured.     


3. You’ll Get a Personal Connection With Your Service Provider

Most car wash stations lack a personal touch, which makes the difference between a good wash and a great wash. MobileWash ensures that you get the best service by sending a professional technician. The technicians are both skilled and equipped with special tools that can clean even those hard-to-reach spots. 


4. You Don’t Have Time to Clean Your Car

Time is money, and despite your busy schedule, with a mobile car wash, you can drive home in a clean car. Because you won’t have to stop on your way home to have your car cleaned, you will have more free time to do more important things or even spend time with your friends and loved ones. 

Before you book a MobileWash car detailer, ensure that you have a reasonable space to clean it. Regardless of where you’re located, a professional detailer will get to you in the shortest time possible and get the job done quickly and thoroughly. These experts come equipped with what they need to clean your car, including water supply and a generator. All that you need to do now is to download the MobileWash application. 


5. You Are Unable to Wash Your Car

Apart from being busy, there are several other reasons that may hinder you from washing your car. Sometimes you may be incapable of washing your own vehicle. If you’re handicapped, aging, disabled, or you simply don’t have the tools to clean your car – you can tremendously benefit from mobile car washing services like MobileWash. MobileWash presents a better way for those who have limited car wash options. 


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How MobileWash Works

  • Step 1: Start by downloading the MobileWash app on your phone. 
  • Step 2: After you download the application, request for either “Wash Now” or “Wash Later” car cleaning services. A professional car detailer from the large MobileWash network will come to you. To ensure that you get quick services, they use geographical location services to track your professional cleaner in real-time and use maps to navigate directly to where you are. 


Need a Professional Car Wash or Detail At Your Convenience? 

According to a recent survey by the ATUS (American Time Use Survey), Americans spend more than one hour every day traveling. MobileWash car detailers know this, and they are here to transform your new home away from home. They are available seven days a week to wash and detail your car at your location. Submit your request for same-day services or schedule for a more convenient time for you.  



Requesting services on the MobileWash app is pretty straightforward. Open the application and choose between “Wash Now” and “Wash Later.” In each option, there are three affordable packages: Express, Deluxe, and Premium. Regardless of the package you choose, your professional car detailer will ensure that you’re fully satisfied. You pay for the services online through a secure SSL credit card system. After making the payment, you will see the picture of your service provider, their ratings, and their location. Once they complete washing your car, you can rate them and even leave a comment to help others know your experience with that particular car detailer.