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Modest Vehicles Owned by Five of the World’s Wealthiest People

Fame and riches are associated with lavish cars and even more glamorous homes. Contrary to popular belief, not every celebrity is flamboyant with their vehicle selection. Some of the biggest names and highest earners in Hollywood continue to drive everyday cars just like you and I. Find out who skipped out on the Rolls Royces…

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Top 10 Fasted and Most Powerful Super Cars in the World

Ever since the first automobile was dutifully trudged out into the public eye, the public has been stricken with an incredible need for speed. There is no car too fast, no race too short for the consumers and sports enthusiasts of the world to cry out to the high heavens for more. In a recent…

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Automotive Industry Backbone of Golf Sponsorship

The rolling green is like the calmest of ponds, swishing its blades of grass in a summer breeze to replicate the unceasing, rhythmic motion of the tide. It is over this calm field that balls fly, holes are filled and names are scribbled into the annals of history. No doubt, the practice of golf is…

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