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Why a Hand Washed Car is Better Than Automatic Wash

Hand Car Wash

There’s no denying that as a car owner you love to see your vehicle clean and in its best shape. You’ve likely gone through many automatic car washes to save time. Yet, have you contemplated hand washing your vehicle or having a MobileWash washer clean it for you? There could be added benefits to a hand car wash that you have been overlooking. Living in a busy and large city like Los Angeles means spending a lot of time stuck in traffic. It can also mean not having that extra time to wait in line at a wash or detour during your day to get your car cleaned. An automatic wash probably seems like a great alternative when you’re tight on time but there are benefits to getting your vehicle clean and polished by hand.

hand car wash

One of the premier benefits to having your car cleaned by a MobileWash washer is that it gets a much more thorough cleaning. An auto wash will spray your car with soap and water and hit it with rubber bristles but it’s not the same as a hand wash. Someone who is hand washing your vehicle will have much more care with the time and detail that they elicit while focusing on your vehicle. They’ll get in the grooves and crannies that would be glazed over in a regular auto-wash. You’ll get a professional clean that wouldn’t happen with an automatic wash.

Another fantastic benefit to getting your car hand washed is that it can help to protect your paint. If you aren’t careful to clean your car completely then applying a polish or wax can actually seal in the dirt that was left behind. Sealing in the dirt or missing those dirty soots can eat away at the paint. Someone who hand washes your car can be sure that your vehicle is completely clear or any dirt before applying and final wax or polishes.

One last thing you may not have considered while putting your car through an automatic wash is that there are possible malfunctions that can occur. The mechanics that are relied on for carefully moving your vehicle through a wash are not accident proof. Things like malfunctioning electronic systems or poor calibration can cause the moving parts that operate in an auto wash to damage your car. Having someone hand wash your car lowers the risk of any mechanical malfunctions that you could encounter in an auto wash.

Choosing hand car wash can be the extra step you need to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. If you don’t have the time to find a car wash near you that hand washes, you can always schedule a MobileWash washer to show up at your convenience. It’s a great option to go about your day without worry while ensuring that your car gets clean. Download the app, MobileWash, today to schedule a time that works best for you.