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Tools Every Car Detailer Should Own

Car detailing: an act so tedious it warrants an arsenal of products. Any auto detailer worth their salt knows how intricate the car detailing process truly is. MobileWash, for instance, performs at high standard in the realm of car detailing. In fact, they’ve been touted as the leader in mobile car washing and detailing in the Los Angeles area. MobileWash is well-equipped with a myriad of tools that will benefit the detailing process. Among some of the most essential include:


Bid those spotty blemishes farewell with help from towels and chamois. While many may disregard or trivialize their importance, these two items are car detailing staples. They rid cars of those undesirable watermarks while simultaneously making for a pristine finish. For an optimal shine, most experts would recommend microfiber material. Rich with absorbing qualities and gentle filaments, microfiber towels are the clear frontrunner.

Foam Wash Gun

When in doubt, foam it out. Foam guns breathe simplicity into the cleaning process. In one fell swoop you can shower a widespread area with fast acting suds. As the sudsy soap penetrates even the dirtiest of crevices, the car is restored back to its clean state.


No doubt a fundamental variable, quality mitts and sponges are of paramount importance. It’s imperative that each sponge or mitt come with soothing fibers, so they don’t disrupt the exterior. Car wash mitts and sponges of great caliber will produce scratch-free results.

Detailing Cart

Lugging around many items is inherently cumbersome. With a detailing cart, you can wheel your cleaning materials around with ease. There’s no need to further burden yourself when products such as the detailing cart exist. With added compartments that allow for optimal organization, auto-detailing has never been easier.


Give a car the radiating sheen it deserves with assistance from buffers and polishers. However, it’s important that buffers and polishers comply with the build of the car. If a car can’t withstand the power of the tool, it may lead to irreversible damage.


It’s mighty, it’s multifaceted, it’s the Shop-Vac. This wonder on wheels does an excellent job at handling all wet and dry cleaning jobs. Equipped with a handful of varying extensions, the Shop-Vac is prime for any detailing duty. What’s more, it’s robust stature makes it reliable, durable, and virtually indestructible.