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On Demand Provides the Best Car Wash in Los Angeles

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Modern life is changing more rapidly than ever before and many small industries have to adapt rapidly in order to meet new demands from customers. Car washing services are one area where traditions are still strong, but there are signs that even here, companies have to change what they’re doing in order to meet the demands of their customer base. In order to keep the reputation as the best car wash in Los Angeles, businesses such as Mobile Wash have transformed into modern online and on demand services that can wash their customer’s vehicles wherever they go. If you want to keep up with technology, but still want your car to be washed regularly, on-demand services can help you organize the service from the comfort of your home.

The rising trend for on-demand car washing

On demand is only a small part of the car washing and detailing industry in the US, which is now worth $11 billion. This is a growth of 3.6% making it one of the largest areas of growth for 2018. A comparison of other industries shows that they have only grown by around 1.6%, so it is clear that the car wash industry is doing something right – and that something appears to be offering on-demand services via mobile apps. Users who are comfortable with ordering food and products online through other companies are now branching out and making more use of convenient services to reach out to businesses.

Who is ordering online?

For people who are unused to living most of their lives online, it might seem unusual to even think of ordering your car wash service using a button on your mobile phone. Reports show that innovative people, who are more likely to explore new technology and get on board with the services offered, are using on-demand services the most frequently, around 41% compared to just under 25% for everyone else. However, even those who are more reluctant to make use of technology in everyday life – or perhaps give up at the first sign of struggles – are still making regular use of on-demand services. This means that even customers who are only happy with ordering online from big companies are less likely to resist making use of on-demand services from car wash companies.

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A planned rise?

The local car wash has never been a massive empire, and most often the people that are running the wash in one part of town have nothing to do with those in another. It may come as some surprise, then, that the industry has been able to coordinate mobile washing services across a wide area, including the entire map of LA and even further into the Desert Cities and San Diego. This has been made possible through the use of online ordering, since a single business can now coordinate mobile teams across a much larger area than a single manager in one area. Whether the car wash industry had any idea that they would be competing on the internet when mobile services were developed or not, the final results are that people are making use of these online services to get car washing and detailing at home and at work.

Order a variety of different services

When you order with Mobile Wash, you have the chance to book a number of different services, depending upon the needs of your vehicle. For example, if you only want a quick clean to get the worst off before you go home, then you might order the Express package. This gives the outside of your vehicle a nice shine and will also clean dirt from windows and tires. For a quick service, this is the best. Customers who need much more work done on the car may focus instead upon the Premium package. This includes the car wash, cleaning of interior including vacuuming and stain removal, cleaning of leather and an exterior liquid wax. This can ensure that the car looks as good as possible, so you can leave for a business meeting, or to visit family, confident that it looks spotless.

Placing an order for the best car wash in Los Angeles

Want to make sure that you can get the best service possible with your car wash? Then you need to look at the options provided by Mobile Wash’s on-demand ordering service. You can contact us through the app today to place any order that you may have, or to find out more about our services, including the add-ons that we have available for our different car wash packages. We can also help you with multiple cars or a two-car bundle. Place your order with us today through the app or contact us online using our form. If you have any questions for our California-based team, call (888) 209-5585 today.