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Mobile Detailing in Los Angeles: What you need to Know

Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing in Los Angeles is how you can make your car look its best no matter where you are in the Los Angeles area. You could be high up in Malibu, you could be downtown, but you can find the mobile detailing your car needs with MobileWash. Not everyone can get to a car wash easily. In fact, most people can’t get to a car wash without a lot of work, time and effort. That’s where MobileWash comes in. With our mobile service, it’s never been easier to get a car wash, but more importantly, it’s never been easier to get a great car wash. Below, we’ll go over some of the ways that our mobile detailing takes the difficulty out of the car wash process.

Dynamic Prices, Dynamic Detailing

We’re proud of our MobileWash services, but one part in particular that we’re proud of is our dynamic pricing. In this context, “dynamic” means “right for your vehicle.” No matter where you go to get a car wash, no matter what package you order, that’s the price for the package. It doesn’t take into account the kind of car you have or the size of the car. That’s where our mobile detailing pricing comes into play.

mobile detailing in los angeles

A Price for your Car

Many of our customers drive vehicles like a Prius, or a sedan, or some kind of station wagon. Many of our customers drive something large, like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Hummer. They shouldn’t have to all pay the same price for a car wash. It’s not fair to the Prius or sedan people to pay as much as the Jeep Grand Cherokee / Hummer folks. That’s why we make sure to offer pieces that fit the vehicle correctly. There’s a set price every single different kind of car you can imagine. When we created our company, we went back through decades of vehicles, assigning an appropriate price for each. We didn’t come across these prices easily; rather it took quite a bit of work to make this list. That way, everyone who wants to get mobile detailing for their vehicle can get a fair price.

Top Mobile Detailing in Los Angeles

MobileWash isn’t the only mobile detailing service around southern California. However, it’s the one that has the toughest vetting for potential detailers. We don’t just take someone in off the street, someone who answered an online ad, stick a bucket and hose in their hand and call them a “professional detailer.” There are plenty of services around SoCal that will do that, but not us. For someone to have the right to get the MobileWash decal on their car, they have to prove that they can meet our high standard. That means that they have to get a “DBA” (“Doing Business As”) license. It means that they have to have all the correct implements to wash a vehicle: their own generator, water source and more. We promise a professional caliber car wash to our customers, and only detailers who are capable of doing that are brought in.

Levels of Mobile Detailing

We know that not everyone is looking for the same kind of mobile detailing. That’s why we have so many different levels of car wash service and add-ons available. Many of our customers just want the outside of their vehicle to look nice right now. Maybe it’s after a recent rain, perhaps they’re heading somewhere, or maybe they took care of the interior on their own, but the “Express” car wash from us has given many folks the car wash that they’re looking for. Some want a more extensive car wash, which leads them to our most popular pick (as of this writing) the “Deluxe.” The “Deluxe” car wash is exactly what it sounds like: it brings a deluxe car wash to the inside and outside of your vehicle.

For still other car owners, they want a car wash that covers absolutely everything about their vehicle. The inside, the outside, and they want them both to look as good as they ever have – for those car owners, only the “Premium” will do. The Premium is a service that covers absolutely everything: it makes the cars look as great as they can. Add-ons like the floor mat cleaning, clay bar and more can raise the mobile detailing to an even higher level. Our pro detailers make it so that you don’t have to travel far for a car wash.

In fact, you don’t have to travel at all. Our car wash makes it possible to get your car washed at home, at work, or basically anywhere else that you can have space and time. For more information or to start the process, download our app here.