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Importance of Responding to Google Reviews

The last couple of decades, saturated with leaps and bounds of technological advancements, have been very kind to the consumers of the world. All across the global sphere, improvements in quality of service, increased focus on increasingly specialized niche filling and broader ubiquity of accessibility have led the buying public to a utopia of convenience and leisure. While this all bodes good and well for the consumer side of the economy, a previously unforeseen burden has manifested itself on the backs of supplying companies. The market has taken on a sharper, more competitive edge, and it falls upon the shoulders of the companies to keep up or be left behind.

It is no longer enough for companies to simply provide the services offered in their newspaper (or, more commonly in these times, their website) and wait for the customers to appear. While all but the most discerning consumers in need would try anything once, the wealth of choices and a sheer number of vying vendors allows them to be more selective in their regular picks. This art of maintaining patronage comes in many specific lessons, such as optimizing the means of advertisement and creating customized marketing strategies based on niche demographics. However, one oft-overlooked ingredient to the recipe of success that should always be remembered is maintaining an engaging and informative customer service department. Within this subset of priorities are even finer details, such as being prompt and professional when responding to online reviews.

MobileWash, a newly minted mobile platform for remote car maintenance, stands out in the field of recent start-ups due to their exemplary performance in several key areas. In addition to their easy-to-navigate layout and thorough hiring process, MobileWash has emerged in the same vein as platforms such as Uber and Handy. MobileWash appears to take their craft extremely seriously, right down to the minutiae of responding to their reviews on Google. Before delving into the actual practice of responding to reviews, the importance of actually interacting with customers themselves (satisfied or otherwise) must be noted. In order to elicit the most positive response from the consumer base, said consumers need to feel like they are talking to an actual person instead of a faceless avatar for the company. Just as talking to a live operator would be much preferred to leaving a suggestion or complaint at the request of an automated voice message, reviewers would rather hear a response from a name that sounds at least slightly personalized. Once MobileWash clients with concerns hear the response of a real person with real problem-solving skills, the likelihood of them returning in spite of the previous error increases.

Mistakes happen. Even the most efficient and well-kempt business machine is subject to a blown fuse or bent cog every once in a while, but the most important thing to remember once repairs have been made is the solution to the problem to ensure it does not happen again. Companies such as MobileWash prove that engaging with clients personally does wonders.