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How to Check Your Car for Flood Damage?

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2018 has seen record numbers in terms of rainfall and flooding has struck the entire country. More than houses, cars have seen the devastating effects of this natural disaster.

If you’ve been within or near a flood, you are required to check your car for any damage. From a security perspective, you have to make all the necessary checks. In this article, we will show you how.

The extent of flood damage to your car

No matter how much attention you pay to car interior cleaning, it’s important to do a flood damage inspection. Water and the force that it generates can cause problems that will end up being very complicated. Car interior cleaning can ensure your safety and a functional car that will last a long time.

Before you download a car wash app, you also have to know about the dangers of bacteria and mold. They are abundant in flood water, which carries lots of dirt and debris with it. It’s a breeding ground for the organisms that may cause severe health problems.

What to do on your own

Before you order a car interior cleaning session with your car wash app, you can assess the damage from flooding on your own. To begin, open all the windows and the doors. Chances are, there is a significant amount of flood water within the doors or between the door and the interior. Opening the doors causes water to exit the car and materials to dry.

Without proceeding with car interior cleaning, you can always sniff the interior of your car. After you’ve inspected the initial damage, it’s time to close the doors and the windows. Let the car sit like that for five minutes and inspect it for smells of mold or mildew.

flood damage

Use a towel to check if there is moisture within the lower spots of the carpet. In many cases, water can become trapped between the floor and the fabric. Leaving it there over time can cause rust corrosion throughout the bottom part of the vehicle.

What can I do to prevent any permanent damage to my car?

The first thing you need to know is that floods don’t have to be catastrophic and submerge your entire car. Most models don’t have any water-proof panels or seal sections in the lower part, so water can sneak in very easily.

Even if your car looks okay and feels okay, there may be water under the carpet or somewhere below the interior. Call the experts immediately.

With flood damage, it’s important to act fast and efficiently. The longer you wait, the more damage your car will sustain from the flood water. As for precautions to prevent flood damage, you can store your car in a garage and cover it with layers of thick nylon.

Of course, this method doesn’t entirely protect your car from flood water, but it can prevent most of the damage from rainfall and pour from holes or roofs.

Why is flood damage so dangerous?

The reason why most experts fear flood damage is the many ways it can manifest itself. Both immediate flooding of the interior and initially unseen problems can cause a series of concerns both right away and in the long run.

The first hazard of flood damage is that it may seriously damage the interior of your car. Upholstery may have to be changed immediately, along with carpets and other facets of the car’s interior.

However, the real danger lies in the way water interacts with electronics. It’s a conductor, and you may have to call an expert to check your electronics for any possible damage. Even if you’ve cleaned and dried your car numerous times, there may be water near the dashboard, the brakes or even the engine.

Therefore, you need to be careful when faced with a flood. Have all your important car-related contacts prepared in case of a flood. Immediate action can be just the thing saves your car from long-term damage.

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