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How Often Should I Get My Luxury Car Detailed?

Making the purchase of a luxury car is not only an important decision but an investment financially. When you make the decision to invest in a luxury vehicle, it’s important to maintain it properly both mechanically and visibly.

Having your car detailed is a routine that should be as normal as having the oil changed, although not as often. The consensus on how often this should be done varies; some recommend a full detail once a year while others recommend detailing as an ongoing process of care for your car.

If the proper washing techniques are used, a car should only need paint correction once and then followed with a refresher polishing once a year. Having the full detail done with paint correction is usually best in the spring when cold weather has passed. When fall comes, washing and then following with a quality sealant and wax is recommended for upkeep during the harsh winter months.

Detailing the car doesn’t just include the exterior of the car, however. Depending on the interior of the car, leather or upholstery should be cleaned and treated and the interior parts of the car that are vinyl, plastic or leather should be cleaned and treated with a sealant to maintain their luster. Carpets should be shampooed and treated, and floor liners should either be repaired or replaced, if necessary. Glass and mirrors should be cleaned and polished and any broken or chipped parts should be replaced by the manufacturer to keep your car in premium condition.

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