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Hacks to Remove Bugs From Your Car

man inside a car with reflection on rear view mirror

When it comes to your vehicle, there is no way to prevent bugs from sticking to your car. Unless your car never leaves the garage, you will eventually have bugs on your windshield, hood or grill. Some bugs have acidic bodies, which means that they can damage the finish on your car. If they remain on the vehicle, they can end up digging into your paint job. The easiest solution is to find the right hacks for safely removing bugs from your vehicle.

Wax Your Vehicle

Prevention is always the best thing that you can do. Make sure that your car is waxed three or four times a year. When your vehicle is waxed, it is protected from insect splatter and grime. The wax also makes it easier to clean off the bugs without scratching your paint job.

Use Bug Sponges

There is actually a product designed exclusively for insects. A bug sponge is great for removing bugs that are stuck to your paint job. You just have to dip the sponge in your normal washing solution and rub it over your car. In moments, the bugs will start to come off.

Super Clean Degreaser

Another product is known as Super Clean. This product is often used by car detailers to help remove the bugs from your vehicle. Obviously, this tip will only work if you already have Super Clean at home or can buy it at your local store, but other degreasers will work equally fine.

Try WD40

WD40 is advertised as having more than 2,000 different uses. One of those uses is to remove bugs, tree sap, and road tar. All you have to do is apply some WD40 to a microfiber cloth. You do not want to use old shirts or regular towels because the fabric can damage your car. Once you have applied WD40, use it to clean off the bugs. Keep in mind that you will still want to wash your car afterward because you should never allow WD40 to sit for long on the paint job.

Use MobileWash

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