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Dos & Don’ts of Car Washing

How to properly wash your car 

Washing your vehicle is very important. Cleaning a vehicle at least once a week will help keep your main method of transportation looking new, and protect the resale value. Even the smallest dent or patch of rust can knock the value of a vehicle down by thousands of dollars. Your car is something that you should be proud to show off. A rusty, dusty car or truck with chipped paint is not exciting to look at.


How often should I clean my vehicle?

Most auto detailing experts and car service chains will recommend vehicle owners get outside and clean their car or truck at least once a week. If once a week is not manageable, then once a month should be the minimum. It all depends on where you live. If you live in an area close to an ocean, large forest, or large insect population, a cleaning may have to happen more often than not. How often do you drive? If you drive fast speeds on a highway, you are collecting more bugs on the front grille. Where do you store your vehicle? If you leave your car or truck outside in the elements all day, there is a good chance there will be pollen, dirt, and animal waste that piles up on the vehicle. Do you care about the appearance of your car? People that own sports cars or expensive luxury cars are likely to care a lot more about the appearance of their car than the guy who owns an average four-door economical car. How often you clean your car may be a personal preference.


Dos and Don’ts of Car Cleaning

You should wear some comfortable clothes that will not get stained with cleaning chemicals or damaged from water. Wear an old outfit that you do not care about. Avoid wearing anything with metal, as it can scratch up the paint. Any jewelry or other sharp, wearable objects should be avoided.

If you notice bird waste or other residues on your vehicle but don’t have time to go through a car wash, apply some diluted baby shampoo to clean the harmful substance off the paint of your car. It is easy on the paint, but strong enough to remove the residue.

Avoid leaving the shampoo on the vehicle for too long, nor in the sun, for if you do the paint will begin to fade.

Read the instructions on the car cleaner formula of your choice to avoid putting any harmful chemicals on your vehicle. It’s never a bad idea to call a dealership to make sure you aren’t making a crucial mistake.