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Proudly Serving the Desert Cities


There are three main deserts in Southern California. Those include the Mojave, Colorado and Great Basin Deserts. The largest or perhaps more well known desert cities are Lancaster, Palmdale, Victorville, Hesperia, Indio, Apple Valley, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Coachella, Adelanto, Ridgecrest, Desert Hot Springs and Twentynine Palms.


The Mojave Desert boundary includes the Tehachapi Mountains to the northwest, together with the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges to the south. The mountain boundaries are distinct since they are outlined by the two largest faults in California. Those are the San Andreas Fault and the Garlock Fault.


The Colorado Desert is a northwest part of the larger Sonoran Desert, which extends across southwest North America. The desert covers around 7 million acres, reaching from the northwest Mexico border region in the south to the higher-elevation Mojave Desert in the north and from the Colorado River in the east to the Laguna Mountains of the Peninsular Ranges in the west. This area is described as a Low Desert region.


The Great Basin Desert is the cold desert in the entire United States. Most of the precipitation in this area falls in the form of snow. The creation of the Great Basin Desert exists because of the rainshadow effect, created by the Sierra Nevada of eastern California. When strong winds from the Pacific Ocean rise over the Sierra, the air cools and loses a considerable amount of its moisture as rain. The surrounding area is very dry and absorbs moisture. This effect is the reason for the naturistic creation of the Great Basin Desert.


The intermittent Mojave River flows predominantly underground to Soda Lake. The Colorado River and Lake Mead are situated near the eastern edge of the desert. Cattle grazing is common in the northern portion of the Mojave, while the southwestern part, adjacent to Los Angeles, has undergone urban and recreational development. Several U.S. military installations and Joshua Tree National Park are located there. Las Vegas, Nevada, and Lancaster, Victorville, Mojave, and Barstow, California, are the chief towns.


Some of the most attractive hot spots include, Mono Lake South Tufa Preserve in Mono County, Rainbow Basin in San Bernardino County, Afton Canyon in San Bernardino County, Crowley Point in Death Valley National Park, Darwin Falls in Death Valley National Park, Zabriskie Point and Golden Canyon in Death Valley National Park, Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs, Lava Beds National Monument in Siskiyou and Modoc counties, Amboy Crater in San Bernardino County, Kelso Dunes in Mojave National Park, and Trona Pinnacles in San Bernardino County.


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