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Mobile Car Wash Near Me? 

Yes, we serve Lancaster and nearby neighborhoods like Lake Elizabeth, Antelope Acres, and Quartz Hill. MobileWash is the best on-demand car detailing appWe bring the car wash to you! Get the most innovative auto detailing app for iPhone and Android.


Mobile Car Detailing and Auto Detailing in Lancaster

Lancaster is a charter city in northern Los Angeles County, in the heart of the Antelope Valley of the western Mojave in SoCal. Lancaster is roughly 61 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, just near the Kern County Line. Its neighbors include, 11th Street East, 3rd Street, 7th Street East Lancaster, Avenue J, Beech, Benald Street, Brierwood Estates, Casa Bonitaville, Desert Den, Palm Lane, Serenity Court, Sodona, Terri and West Lancaster Boulevard.


Landmarks and Attractions

The City of Lancaster is filled with lots of fun and innovative things to see and do. The town became recently famous for the Civic Musical Road, a road, when driven on, made a musical song through vibrations. It has since been removed. Some local hot spots include the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, BLVD Farmer’s Market, the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Castle Roller Skating, Lancaster Jethawks, Boeing Plaza, Bex Bar & Grill, Kinetic Brewing Lancaster, Lancaster Museum of Art & History, Antelope Valley Indian Museum, The Bandstand Coffee & Tea, American Heroes Park, and Pour d’Vino. It is also the sight of the Kill Bill Church, a now famous landmark used as a filming location for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2.


Local Celebrities

Some notable people include, television actor, Raymond Allen, former MLB player, Kevin Appier, aviator, Pancho Barnes, NFL player, Lon Boyett, musician, Aaron Carter, actor, Noah Gray-Cabey, NBA player, Dewayne Dedmon, The Wizard of Oz actress, Judy Garland, actor, writer, comedian and musician, Donald Glover, Californian State Senator, Sharon Runner, aerospace engineer, Burt Rutan, and lastly, the most prominent of the early popularizers of the Christian Identity movement, Wesley Swift.


Get a Car Wash in Lancaster

The City may not have seen eye to eye when it came to the Civic Musical Road, but one thing is for sure, everyone in Lancaster loves the affordable convenience of getting a car wash from MobileWash. With MobileWash you get instant, on-demand access to the largest network of vetted, insured, professional detailers in North America. Our local customer support and quality assurance teams are there for you every step of the way and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.


MobileWash in Lancaster

MobileWash, your car wash app, is the most convenient and cost-effective way to wash your car. Instead of having to drive to a car wash and then wait in line, you can simply download the app, schedule a time, and the mobile car wash will come to you! Trusted by thousands of weekly users, we make it easier than ever to get your car washed at home or at work, so you can spend your time doing what matters. The best mobile car wash app, MobileWash sets itself apart by being a true “on demand” auto detailing app. With MobileWash, you can schedule a wash now and get a detailer to your door in minutes. Rest assured your washer has been thoroughly vetted, background checked, insured, and backed by our quality control assurance team.



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