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Our Express Package restores the shine on your exterior and is the most affordable car wash in the industry, brought directly to your doorstep in minutes.

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Our Deluxe Package is the best and most affordable mobile car wash in the industry, brought directly to your doorstep in minutes.

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Our Premium Detail Package goes above and beyond to satisfy your highest level of expectations and also the most affordable in the industry brought directly to your doorstep in minutes.

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Save $5.00 off every 5th car & bundle 2 or more cars to save $2.00 or more

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Mobile Car Wash Hollywood

Lights, camera, and… action! The well-known words of decades of filmmakers who have inhabited this beautiful, hill-scaped city.

As the story goes, H.J. Whitley, the “Father of Hollywood”, was standing atop the infamous Hollywood Hills during his honeymoon in 1886. A Chinese man in a wagon carrying wood came along, exited his wagon, and bowed to Mr. Whitley. When asked what he was doing the man replied, “I hauling wood”, although phonetically his accent made it sound like, “I holly-wood”. Whitley had an epiphany in that moment and decided to name the area, Hollywood; bringing together “holly” to represent England and “wood” to represent his Scottish heritage. Hollywood is one of more than one-hundred cities started by H.J. Whitley across the western United States.

Known for its ethnically diverse, densely populated neighborhoods, Hollywood is the home of several historic studios largely responsible for the U.S. film industry like Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO, Columbia, and Universal. In fact the name, “Hollywood”, has become synonymous with motion pictures and the people who both make and star in them. Which is why the city is also colloquially called, “Tinseltown”, to describe the glittering image of the motion picture industry.

In the early 1900’s most motion picture patents were held by Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company in New Jersey, which made it difficult for other filmmakers to produce any new projects without being sued. In an effort to escape Edison’s reach, filmmakers began moving out west where the climate made for more ideal filming conditions anyway. The rest is Hollywood history!  

Today, if you are living or working in the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown, then you know that MobileWash is the perfect solution for all of your car wash needs! MobileWash is the most innovative and smart way to care for your car in the 21st century. Your state-of-the-art MobileWash App allows you to order a car wash from anywhere at the touch of a button. Once you send your request, a mobile car wash detailer will arrive within 30 minutes; no matter where you are.

Not quite ready to have a wash now? No problem! The MobileWash App offers you the convenience of scheduling a mobile car wash or auto detailing when and where you need it.

Download the MobileWash App for iOS and Android now and get $5 off your 5th wash, every time!



  • car cleaning

    Perignon HLos Angeles, CA

    Thank you so much! I know it was a lot of work so I appreciate your patience. You have my car sparkling!

  • car cleaning

    Raumak R.Los Angeles, CA

    Life changing!! Wish I had knew about this service before, I will never take my car to a regular car wash again. It's super easy, like ordering an uber. You just have to download the app, open it up and request the type of wash you would like. Within a few hours the attendant was at my office washing my car. He took over two hours and was meticulous washing and cleaning my car. It was definitely the best $40 i’ve ever spent. My only wish is that I knew about this earlier. Don't waste your time and money on a regular car wash, the wash is nothing in comparison.

  • car cleaning

    Emanuel H.Santa Monica, CA

    This app is really cool! I was able to order a car wash directly to my house and didn't have to worry about taking it anywhere for a professional cleaning. The car wash was super easy to order and I will definitely use MobileWash again. It was priced really well too, and I was able to save my vehicle info for another time. I highly recommend!

  • car cleaning

    Thomas FoxWhittier, CA

    Just finished having my car detailed. My detailer did an excellent job in a timely manner. Price point actually $20.00 less than my local car wash would have charged for the same service. This will now be my go to app whenever I need my vehicle detailed.

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