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MobileWash: Lovely Lancaster Car Washes, Auto Detailing, and Interior Car Cleaning Services

MobileWash: Lovely Lancaster Car Washes, Auto Detailing, and Interior Car Cleaning Services


Very few people truthfully realize just what an awesome place that Lancaster, California is to live, work, and play. Lancaster is a charter city in northern Los Angeles County, in the Antelope Valley of the western Mojave Desert in Southern California. Believe it or not, Lancaster is the 31st largest city in California. Lancaster is part of a twin city complex with its southern neighbor Palmdale. Yes, Palmdale and Lancaster are sister cities! Together, Palmdale and Lancaster are the principal cities within the Antelope Valley region and California’s High Desert.

One of the coolest things to do in Lancaster is to drive you clean SUV, newly detailed truck, or freshly washed car over the first musical road in the United States. The Civic Musical Road “plays” part of the William Tell Overture, also known as the theme to the 1950s television show The Lone Ranger. If you have not had the opportunity to drive this road in your clean car, you should do so immediately. Other amazing aspects of Lancaster that you can enjoy with your newly MobileWashed cargo van, truck, or SUV, are to plan a trip along the Master Plan of Trails and Bikeways, the California Poppy Festival each spring in Lancaster City Park, or even check out Boeing Plaza and the Aerospace Walk of Honor with a real F-4 Phantom jet fighter on display, or many of the other amazing attractions of Lancaster, California.

Lancaster has many employers who you may get authorization from to potentially even have car washes performed at work at the touch of a button. Employees who have scheduled MobileWashes with us have loved their car washes, especially those employed at Edwards Air Force Base, China Lake Naval Weapons Facility, Lockheed Martin Company, the County of Los Angeles, Northrop-Grumman, AV Hospital, AV Union High School District, and of course, Wal-Mart. No matter where you work or live, MobileWash has your car needs covered throughout Lancaster, California and the rest of the Antelope Valley!

While you drive your car in the High Desert, no matter if you are driving from Palmdale to Los Angeles, Lancaster to Long Beach, your car wash and auto detailing services should be the best in the business. If you are looking for the best car wash services in Lancaster, California, then look no further than MobileWash. Really? Yes, really. MobileWash is the leader in on site, on demand car washing not only in Palmdale, the Antelope Valley, and the rest of the Southland, but MobileWash is the preeminent leader in car washing technology, so much so that our customers continually refer to us as “the uber of car washing.”

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