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Before Ordering



You can view and update your payment information on the order confirmation page within the MobileWash application.

after ordering

After Ordering

Within a few moments of requesting your wash, the app will locate the closest Service provider within your area or give you the option to schedule a wash at later time if no Service provider is available for the “Wash Now” feature.

MobileWash service providers are independent contractors who are insured in the event that anything goes wrong during service. If there is damage done to a vehicle by a service provider, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify the service provider immediately of the damage following the service. Once the service provider leaves the premises and you opt not to inspect the vehicle, all rights to file a liability claim are waived. Should you follow these guidelines, you are responsible for negotiating and exchanging insurance information. MOBILEWASH IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LIABILITY, LOST PROPERTY, PERSONAL INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE arising from the usage of our platform.

MobileWash is not responsible for any belongings that may be lost or otherwise disposed of while performing services on your vehicle. We strongly recommend that each customer remove any belongings they consider to be of value prior to service.

Please review the reminder within our application for any specific information regarding policies.

We strive to ensure that service providers perform services in a timely manner. While we value your time and want to ensure we accommodate your busy schedule, service providers may occasionally encounter certain roadblocks, including running late due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Please give your service provider a 20-minute window to arrive at your location. Occasionally, additional time may be needed to provide services, especially if exigent circumstances arise.

Yes, it is possible to cancel and reschedule a service. Please review the reminder within our application for any specific information regarding policies.

Tips are obviously not mandatory but are always appreciated by the service provider who has worked hard to get your vehicle back in top shape. You can tip directly through the MobileWash application, either before or after you order the service. Additionally, you may tip the service provider in cash, if you wish. Most people tip anywhere between 20-25% of the service price.

We know schedules can change quickly, but unfortunately, skipping, rescheduling, or canceling an order after it has been processed can result in a cancellation fee. Please refer to the terms of the application should you have any questions regarding the cancellation policy.

mobile wash


MobileWash is a technology company that links users to a network of existing mobile service providers.

The price of services is based on the make and model of the vehicle, the package, and the add-ons that are selected. Get an instant quote for your vehicles here: https://www.mobilewash.com/instant-quote

You can schedule up to five vehicles per order using the MobileWash platform.

When your Service provider is on the way, you will receive a notification. When you are in the app, you will have the ability to contact your Service provider. There is an internal call system within the MobileWash app so that you can contact the Service provider immediately. Your telephone number is not shared while using MobileWash. Service providers have the ability to contact you by phone or buzz notification, through the app, as well.

Yes, service providers will clean trunks at the request of the customer. If you would like your trunk cleaned, please ensure to make the service provider aware and give them access. Trunk cleaning is only available upon request.

While rare, on occasion we will need to reschedule your service based on a variety of circumstances that may arise. We do our best to limit these instances as best as possible.

We no longer require passwords for a customer account. To log in, please enter your telephone number into the application and a four-digit PIN will be sent via text message which you can then enter into the application to gain access to your account.

Generally, yes, service providers will use air freshener at the request of the customer. If you would not like air freshener, please ensure to make your service provider aware at the start of the service to ensure that no air freshener be used.