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MobileWash App Update: For Detailers

Greetings Detailers!

We have been hard at work to improve YOUR experience as a detailer, adding over 300 features to the App! We want to highlight a few that we think you’ll find useful. Update your status with MobileWash and WELCOME back!

We are the leader in innovation. Thousands of customers trust MobileWash on a weekly basis. RETHINK MobileWash.


This announcement is a must see for all our professional detailers. We are excited to tell you about some big improvements we made to the MobileWash APP. Here’s a quick summary of the most important updates:

Updated App Features to Help You Succeed:

  • Dynamic Pricing by Zip Code
  • Priced by Package and Vehicle
  • Wash Now pays up to $11.25
  • Wash Later Surge Pricing
  • Any many more new features below!


1. Washer totals now appear on the notifications for On Demand and Scheduled orders so you will know exactly how much you will make when new orders come in.

Car Wash App
Car Wash App

2. We’ve added a washer feed that will feature contests, prizes, competitions, and important info that can make you more money.

Car Wash App
Car Wash App

3. On Demand orders are now going to all washers instead of being reserved for 1 for 30 seconds. It’s first come first serve.

Car Wash App

4. Customers are going to be reminded to place more orders more frequently and it’s tied to when you go online within, so go online early and often.

Car Wash App

5. Notifications are being sent to customers every 30 seconds when you arrive and when the wash is complete so you can get started and move on to the next order, faster.

Car Wash App

6. We’ve eliminated the time to wait between scheduled washes, so if you have a wash with a duration for 50 minutes you can pick up a scheduled order that starts right when the 50 minutes are up.

Car Wash App

7. When you go online, On Demand orders will now have an Order Info to see how much you’ll make before accepting.

Car Wash App
Car Wash App

8. Phone calls are a lot easier to make now. You’ll be connected directly with the customer, faster.