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Car Detailing Near Me

Top Consumer Questions Answered

How to choose an auto detailing service?

When choosing an auto detailing service, look for quick response time and fair pricing on varied services, like, chrome cleaning and tire dressing. Look for mobile auto detailing, such as industry leader, MobileWash. Look for 24/7 services, companies that operate every day of the year. Opt for premium interior detailing services to better protect your upholstery, carpets, and windows. All areas that need fine detailing and careful cleaning.


Could a car wash damage my car?

Yes. An automatic car wash could damage your car. With the usage of machines, there is always a possibility for parts to malfunction and damage your car. One major flaw with machines is that they can become incorrectly positioned and have altered speeds, this could cause your car to become dented or even have the paint stripped.


What is a foam car wash?

The foam you see during some car washes is a result of mixing special cleaning agents with water to further assist in the cleaning of a vehicle by raising the dirt and grime for removal.


Are foam car washes better?

The best way to ensure a clean vehicle is to have a foam car wash. The foam helps raise up the dirt and filth for proper removal. MobileWash uses pressurized foam spray guns to coat every inch of your vehicle to guarantee complete coverage. This helps to remove all unwanted grime in difficult crevices.


What is a waterless car wash?

A waterless car wash is a high lubricity pre-mixed spray detailer that is applied to a saturated area of a vehicle and then you wipe off any dirt or road filth. They are typically not an ideal way to properly clean your vehicle. MobileWash never does a waterless car wash because we believe in quality.


Are waterless car washes better?

A waterless car wash is never better than an actual car wash. This is because a waterless wash never gives your car a true quality clean. Over time your vehicle will begin to deteriorate. The paint will start to chip. The sun will cause fading. You will likely develop rust.


Why should you wax your car?

People wax their car to protect it from the sun rays. They do so by maintaining a coat of wax on the car’s paint preventing fading, discoloring, and oxidation. All are common effects of sun damage. Another reason is that by waxing, car owners give their car a high gloss finish, similar to a mirror look. Also, with a coat of wax on their car, water will bead up and roll off the vehicle. This results in less water remaining on their car’s paint and less water mean less contamination and dirt left behind.


Why is a hand wash better than automatic?

A hand wash is better than automatic because the washing job is usually deemed perfect. Most machines are unable to reach areas on the body of your car, however, handwashing can get the dirt out. Also, automated washes leave water spots and their machines have the capability to damage your vehicle.


Why you should get your car washed regularly?

Washing your car is considerably important. When washed regularly, contaminants like dirt, dust, tree sap, pollen, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants can all be removed from your vehicle. Many experts recommend washing your car once a week to prevent contaminants from causing damage to your paint and finish.


How much does a mobile car wash cost?

Having the car wash come to you may be more affordable than you ever would have guessed. At the time of this publication (in April 2019) there are several companies in the Los Angeles area which offer package deals starting just under $30. The lowest price we found was $22.99 for the “Express” package at MobileWash. Other companies like Washos and Washe have similar entry-level packages with mobile car wash prices ranging from $25 to $28. The full answer to this question is available in our blog post on mobile car wash prices, which you can read here


What is the best car wash company?

The best car wash company is the mobile car wash app, MobileWash. They have hundreds of vetted auto detailers which are convenient, affordable and reliable. You can get professional car detailing done 365 days a year, work with an innovative app that is custom tailored to your vehicle, get generous discounts, and real-time support with their quality assurance team.


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