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The Official Vehicle Sponsorships of all 30 MLB Franchises

General Motors, the maker of the Chevrolet brand of vehicles, had its contract renewed by Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2016, according to National Baseball Writer, Maury Brown’s article, “Chevrolet Renews Sponsorship With MLB, Joins ‘Play ball Initiative” published on Forbes.com. Because of MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred’s efforts to get children and grown-ups involved…

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Best Apps For Millenials In Los Angeles

A 2007 iPhone commercial stated, “There’s an app for just about everything.” Smartphones have boomed in the last five years because they make life easier. However, smartphones are not directly responsible for making life easier. The smartphone apps are directly responsible for making life easier. Millennials are the most recent generation of young people. They…

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14 Cars Driven by The World’s Richest People

Maybach Landaulet – $1.4 million Maybach is known for their ultra-luxurious designs. This isn’t a sports car, but it still packs a punch. Some of its standard features include rear seat massage, cooled/heated seats, and interior air filters. Pagani Zonda F Roadster – $1.4 million Releasing only 25 total, Pagani’s goal with the Zonda F…

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Why Are Car Companies Fashion Weeks’ Biggest Sponsors

Whenever and wherever there is an opportunity for the masses to view a monumental event in the entertainment, sports and fashion industry, there is a company with a product to push. This reciprocal ubiquity is something like longstanding lore in the business world, birds and the bees of advertising and marketing. Most of the time,…

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