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Customer Reviews

Jefferson Park

This app has really spread throughout my neighborhood. I couldn’t tell you a house on the block that doesn’t use this app. It is just so freaking good!?


Marco was so talented! My Rav looks just as beautiful as the day I bought it! This company is really shaking up the industry!❤️❤️


I think what I love most about this app is the fact that It’s appropriately priced and the quality of work is evident.

Mount Washington

This app has been on my mind lately. It’s so rare to find a quality app that you know you can rely on. This is definitely a top notch one for sure.

San Bernardino

If you are looking for a car wash app, do not look any further. Trust me I have tried them all and this one takes the cake. The prices are better and the work is borderline perfection.?

Castle Heights

I had them do a water spot removal on my car and clean/detail the inside. My car looks newer and nicer than ever before. There were no streaks left anywhere.


When they say at your door in minutes they really mean it lol I have never seen people stick their word as much as they do. Also your ride always looks great, unlike most places, they actually know what they are doing

Beachwood Canyon

I have a bad back so vaccumming my car on my own is always out of the question. This is why I love using this app and having them do the work for me. They do a good job and r really kind ? ?

Laurel Canyon

I bought my car used, a BMW 3-series, and it needed a little TLC. So I used mobilewash and was blow away. My car looks just like I bought a brand new version of the car lol. I love this app. ?

Baldwin Village

Made my profile and scheduled a wash a few days ago, it looked so good when my washer was done. The car looked brand new


Lol I have no idea what I would do now without this app. I honestly hated driving to a car wash. It sucked hah. But this app is cool because you just have to hang and then they take care of you. The future, right? ???

Bryn Mawr

The quality that they put into every single detail is unreal. I will definitely be using Mobilewash again. This company really cares about their customers. You can just feel it with every cleaning.

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