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San Diego is known around the country as “America’s Finest City” for a reason. Situated on the scenic San Diego Bay, the city enjoys all of the benefits of California’s wonderfully warm weather and of the Pacific Ocean’s beauty. The result is a picturesque city with some of the happiest inhabitants in the country.

However, while the sunny, sandy climate is great for the local residents, it can be a little harsh on vehicles. The salt from the ocean tends to collect on a car’s exterior, causing not just an unsightly white crust on the panelling but also causing corrosion. The lack of moisture makes for plenty of dust and dirt, and on the rare occasions when it does rain, the water only serves to make cars look even dirtier and grimier.

A good car wash goes a long way towards keeping your car healthy and looking good, and MobileWash would love nothing more than to take care of your car. Not only do we provide the highest quality hand wash possible, but we perform them at the best possible price and at the convenience of your own home.

The excellent washers employed by MobileWash really know their business, which means they know how to get your car sparkling again. They use the finest environmentally friendly cleaning products as well, which means that they do everything they can to take care of San Diego while they take care of your car. Best of all, they bring their mobile detailing and car washing services right to your door, performing their services wherever you need. All they need is your car and a parking space to wash it in.

America’s finest city deserves America’s finest car wash. Let MobileWash bring that high level of service directly to you. Call us today, or give us a click on the MobileWash app to set up your mobile car wash appointment today.

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