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Warm sandy beaches and salty sea breezes are heavenly for people, but can be harsh on your car. Regular maintenance includes not only tune ups and repairs, but keeping the interior and exterior in good, clean condition.

You can go through a machine wash, but the process can leave residue, miss important areas such as the undercarriage, or even cause damage. Taking it to a hand wash can take a sizable chunk out of your day, and washing it on your own may take even longer. Home washing can use nearly 150 gallons of water, and buying the right supplies can take a bite out of your budget. There has to be a better way, right?

MobileWash offers a fast, safe alternative to traditional car wash methods. With a few taps on your phone or tablet, you can request a car wash anywhere at any time. Just tell us where you are, which vehicle you need cleaned, and select a package, and we’ll do the rest.

Your washer will arrive within 30 minutes. The app will alert you when they’re here, so you’re free to go about your business in the meantime. After a brief inspection, your washer will get to work.

MobileWash uses state-of-the-art washing technology, including waterless washes and on-board pressure washers capable of lifting dirt and grime quickly and effectively while conserving water. By choosing our Premium Detail package, your car will enjoy extra care inside and out, with waxing and interior conditioning as well as our thorough high-quality wash.

We go everywhere in the Los Angeles area, so whether you are at home in Redondo Beach or out and about in the area, we’re always just a tap away. MobileWash brings your car to a beautiful shine in just 45 minutes, without you lifting a finger.

Repeat customers can take advantage of our Loyalty Program, saving you $5 for every five washes. If you have more than one vehicle, requesting a wash for each of them at the same time will get you a bundled discount. We also offer new customers $5 off their first wash.

You’re busy, and you know the value of multitasking. Enjoy our Southern California beach weather while MobileWash cleans your car to make the most of your free time. Download the app and get started today!

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