Mobile Car Wash Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is beautiful. Shouldn’t your car match the scenery?

Keeping up with regular cleaning is part of maintaining your vehicle. Protecting the finish, keeping the interior spotless, and preventing sand and salt from building up and causing damage are all important in preserving your car’s value.

Cleaning at home can take up a lot of your free time and use over 140 gallons of water. A machine wash can be harsh. Leaving you open to damage and residue. Hand washes can take up your free time as well, leaving you sitting there with nothing to do while your car is washed and detailed. Our Manhattan Beach Car Wash offers high-quality, convenient and affordable service!

MobileWash possesses the best traits for a unique alternative to a traditional car washing experience. We offer convenience, efficiency, and custom care for your vehicle that can’t be matched by anything else.

With the MobileWash app, it only takes a few seconds to request a wash. All you have to do is tell us where your car is, select which car you want washed, and choose between our Deluxe or Premium packages. We’ll do the rest! A washer will be dispatched immediately and will arrive within 30 minutes. You’re free to go about your business in the meantime–the app will ping you when we arrive.

MobileWash vans are equipped with pressure washers and a 100 gallon tank of water, ensuring that water is used effectively and not wasted. We also offer waterless washes, which can remove dirt and grime and protect the finish without any liquid at all. Even the most thorough wash and detailing will be complete in a mere 45 minutes.

Our drivers are fully insured to give you peace of mind. We price each wash on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and our database holds over 5,000 different entries. We know the specifications of your car, so we give it the special care it needs to keep it looking its best.

We offer discounted rates for every 5th wash. After all, your car won’t stay clean after a single visit. We offer a group discount, allowing you to save money by booking washes for multiple cars. And of course, we offer a first timer discount.

Keeping your car in good condition and making the most of your time are not mutually exclusive. Download the app and get started with MobileWash today.

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