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Car culture is a thriving aspect of life in Costa Mesa. If you’re passionate about your car, you know keeping up with regular maintenance is an important part of ownership. This doesn’t just mean tune ups and oil changes. A clean car not only looks great, but is protected from damage caused by dirt and grime and retains its value longer.

Keeping your car clean can become a major investment of time, money, and water. Between buying the supplies, fitting in a wash into your busy schedule, and using nearly 150 gallons of water to do the job, turning to a professional seems a logical alternative.

If you take your car to a machine wash, the job may get done quickly, but you won’t enjoy the same thorough care as with a hand wash. You run the risk of the equipment causing damage to your car, and residue and water spots may still remain. A hand wash can take up a significant of your free time, leaving you waiting without anything to do until the job is done.

MobileWash combines the best of each approach to bring you a unique car wash experience that saves you time and money without skimping on high-quality care. We dispatch a professional washer with high-quality equipment, all at the touch of a button.

The process is simple: Log in to the MobileWash app on your phone or tablet, and tell us which car needs cleaning, where it is, and choose between a Deluxe or a Premium wash. A washer will arrive within 30 minutes. The app will alert you when they arrive, so feel free to take care of other things while you wait. Once they arrive, washing and detailing your vehicle takes no more than 45 minutes to complete, leaving both the inside and the outside of your car spotless.

MobileWash uses biodegradable soap and even offers waterless washes, protecting both the environment and your car’s finish. Each van is equipped with a 100 gallon water tank and a pressure washer, allowing for a fast and efficient cleaning.

MobileWash can save you money as well as time. Our unique pricing takes into account the make, model, and year of your vehicle. We never charge more than a traditional car wash. Washing two or more cars at the same time earns you a bundle discount. Every fifth wash earns a $5 discount with our Loyalty Program. We’ll even take off $5 for your first wash!

MobileWash is the modern option for car washing and detailing. Download our app to get started today.

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