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How to Clean Your Car’s Leather Seats

Leather car seats – when chosen and fitted right – have the uncanny power to transform any car into a modern, clean and expensive looking vehicle. They also come with a ton of other advantages, such as keeping the car’s actual seats safe from all manner of gunk. That includes spills, dust, oils, and so many others.  

Leather also appears quite easy to clean, which can be a problem. Many people don’t know the most effective (or really, an effective) way to clean their car. The result is an accumulation of all manners of gunk, rendering it a dirty car – which is the opposite of what leather seats are supposed to do.

Clean Your Cars Leather Seats

So, How do you Clean Your Car’s Leather Seats?

If you cannot access your nearest mobile car wash in Malibu, Las Vegas or LA, don’t worry. We have a quick, simple guide to help you clean on your own:

  • Consult your car’s manual to find any tips and suggestions the carmakers may have offered for cleaning the seats. This helps in case there are any specific chemicals you should or shouldn’t use.
  • Dust off any accumulated dust, especially if it’s been a while since you drove your car, or if you have been driving in highly dusty areas. Take any large items out of the car, such as stray bottles or paper bags for the clean-up.
  • Next, use your handheld vacuum cleaner to absorb any visible remaining dust from the leather seats. The idea is to make sure no dust stays before you use water.
  • Identify any holes, tears, wrinkles or perforations on your leather seats – whether they’re from cigarettes, wear and tear or anything else – and mark them. Then make sure you don’t pass any water on or close to them during cleaning.
  • Get a small cloth and spray a fair amount of cleaning solution on it. Use the cloth to wipe the leather seats thoroughly until they appear clean. You can alternatively employ a mixture of linseed oil and vinegar (a ratio of 2:1) as a cleaning solution.

NOTE: Notice that we do not recommend spraying water onto the seats before or as you clean them. Neither do we recommend using a thoroughly wet cloth or rug to clean.

  • Finally, get a dry cloth and dry the areas you’ve cleaned thoroughly.

How often do you have to clean your car’s leather seats?

Judging by the process above, cleaning your car’s leather seats isn’t the hardest task. For most people, it shouldn’t take more than 30 -45 minutes.

As for how often you have to clean, that depends on how often you use it and where you use it. Sometimes, you need to dust the exterior.

Once a week is good enough. If that schedule is still a bit much for you, consider calling in a good mobile car wash in LA to do the hard work for you.

Cleaning your car’s leather seats isn’t enough to keep your car clean by itself. Your car needs regular cleaning to keep it functional. If you’re feeling incapable or just busy, you can always call the expert cleaners from Mobile Wash – often called the best car wash in San Diego and the best car wash in Los Angeles – to help you out. They’ve got a series of affordable packages starting from just $22!

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