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Have a Car Wash & Detail in San Diego while Visiting

San Diego is beautiful any time of year. The sunset over the ocean as you drive into town is unlike pretty much anything else in the country. It looks gorgeous in the winter, as it does in the fall and spring. However, there’s something about San Diego in the summer. San Diego kind of epitomizes summer, as if it’s the platonic ideal of what summer should be: an incredible city that just so happens to be on a beach. MobileWash can provide a car wash & detail in San Diego when you’re visiting, or if you’ve made the excellent life choice to live there.

Car Wash & Detail in San Diego

In addition to Los Angeles, San Diego is the other largest area of MobileWash’s reach, as of this writing. That could change very quickly, possibly even by the time this blog is posted – MobileWash continues to grow and grow. MobileWash has been fortunate to bring in some of the best car detailing professionals, and that’s certainly true of MobileWash in San Diego. There are as great of detailing professionals in San Diego as there are anywhere else. MobileWash is proud to have so many great detailers in San Diego have the MobileWash decal on the sides of their vehicles.

a car wash detail in san diego

San Diego in Summer

San Diego is a city built for summer. The apex might be, of course, San Diego Comic-Con. What once started as a convention for people who were very into comic books has now grown into a true behemoth: the one place where all of the movies and television shows come together for one incredible time. People come from all over the country just to experience this one amazing set of days in San Diego. If you’re driving out to Comic-Con, MobileWash is a great way to make sure your vehicle looks great no matter where you’re from. If you’ve come from far away, odds are that your vehicle could use a wash. MobileWash can welcome you to San Diego, or it can help you prepare for the great ride home.

Traditional Summer Delights

Baseball is also synonymous with summer, and Padres play in one of baseball’s most beautiful stadiums, Petco Park. Petco is unique in that it’s like several different stadium designs all coming together for one cohesive whole. Of course, for those who want to enjoy the California sun, there’s plenty of it in San Diego. Lying out on the beach has never looked as good as it does in San Diego. Also, the coastline in San Diego is truly unique, what with all of the naval ships in the area. If it’s your first time traveling to San Diego, you won’t forget it. If you live in San Diego, as gorgeous as this all is, it could be old hat to you by now. With MobileWash, you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to get your car washed. So, you could get your car washed while you reconnect to your favorite locales.

MobileWash Travel Tips

Our MobileWash detailers are often asked by customers: “what can we do to help keep our vehicles clean between washes?” one of the more useful tips to focus on during the summer months is: clean your windshield often. It’s easy to overlook your windshield, or say “I’ll clean it later.” However, in the summertime in southern California especially, bug splatter can be a very real thing. The bugs can hit your windshield fast and furious. It’s natural to put that off, but, with the summer sun bearing down, it can really bake all that bug mess into your windshield.

So, you’re going to want to clean your windshield often. Your wipers may not even be enough to do it. Speaking of your wipers, have you checked those recently? If you’re a native to southern California, it’s normal to kind of forget about your wipers. However, when the rain comes down (and even in the hottest, muggiest summer, it absolutely will) you’re going to want to have wipers that can absolutely get the job done. Checking them for readiness once a month or so is a great way to make sure that your wipers will be there for you when you need them.

A MobileWash can make your vehicle look great any time of year in San Diego. Many locals use Comic-Con as an opportunity, driving for Uber, Lyft or other rideshares to make some extra money at the time. MobileWash is the perfect way to ensure that your vehicle looks great no matter who’s riding in it. In fact, our service has often been referred to as “Uber-like.” To see what that means for yourself and make your vehicle look great in San Diego, download our app.