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When advertisers are looking for ways to make people want to buy something, they’ll often say that it’s made “by hand.” This is true of everything from furniture to works of art to food. Something that’s made “by hand” is thought to be better, with a genuine “human touch” applied to it. Moreover, it’s seen as something truly unique. A machine or a computer can be programmed, and they can churn out the same thing over and over and over again with incredible precision. A human being, even the most talented one, will do something a little different each time. That’s just one of the benefits of a MobileWash hand car wash near Los Angeles.

Hand Car Wash near Los Angeles from True Pro Detailers

To continue with the analogy of the “works of art” from above, art from the masters is worth more than art by any regular, random person. This is for a very good reason: the art from the masters is better. With consistently higher quality, it’s far more pleasing to the eye. The same can be said of a car wash from MobileWash. While our car washes may never end up in a museum, we make sure to only hire the best, most experienced detailers. We’ve turned away detailers who don’t meet our high standards. At MobileWash, when someone comes to you with our decal on their vehicle, we make sure that they’re a true, genuine pro.

mobilewash hand car wash near los angeles

What “High Standards” Means

The analogy we often use is a car mechanic. You know how precious your car is, so you make sure to only have licensed, car mechanics how have been certified and trained to work on your car. That’s because you recognize how important that is: without the right training, they might do the wrong thing, and keep your car from operating as it should. Again, the same can be said of a pro car detailer. When it comes time to assess a vehicle’s resale value, the appearance is critically important. Without consistent, quality car washes, it’s unlikely that your vehicle will look its best. That can make it harder to get as good a deal on your vehicle as you should, ultimately costing you money in the end.

With MobileWash, you can set consistent car wash times. Instead of having to drive out somewhere each week or so to get your car washed, we can schedule it so that MobileWash comes to you at a set time whenever you want. By having these consistent car washes, you can keep your car’s appearance from ever dipping too low. It’s one more way to protect your car, on top of checking the tires, the gas, the engine, oil and more. Think of each car as a protective layer, making your car that much stronger. That goes for exterior and interior car washes.

Human Detailers = Human Touch

At this point, just about all of us have taken their car through a mechanical car wash. Maybe it was an expensive, enormous one at a complex. Alternately, perhaps it was one of the smaller ones you might see in the parking lot of a gas station. Regardless, these are some of the most popular kinds of car washes: ones where your vehicle passes through several different kinds of rollers, jets and more, as it’s covered in water, wax, soap and much else.

These car washes can be effective, but they’re very “one size fits all.” For example, even if the car wash packages are different, the machines are the same. The machines don’t really know that it’s a Chevy truck instead of a Prius, and vice versa. The machines only have one way of doing a car wash.

That’s what makes our hand car wash so unique. Again, it’s done by real human beings by their own hands. So, they can give you a more personalized, unique car wash. That means that if they notice something, or there’s some way to make your car wash better, they can do it. Instead of being an unthinking, unfeeling machine, they can offer you an optimum car wash. Plus, you can sit outside and talk to them, if you’d like. It’s hard to carry on a good conversation with the machine at the car wash.

Car Wash Near You, Always

A major facet of what makes MobileWash so great is that it’s “near Los Angeles,” but more importantly, it’s “near your home.” In fact, it can be at your home, place of work, or basically anywhere else that you want to get a car wash. As we bring the car wash to you, that significantly cuts down on the travel time necessary for a car wash. Often, it cuts it down to zero. Download our app to see what MobileWash can do for you today.