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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us provide you with some answers.

What Is MobileWash?

MobileWash is a technology company that links users to a network of existing mobile detailers.

Who Provides Services?

MobileWash is a platform provider and does not provide washing services or function as a washing company. Third party Service Providers perform all services. It is the responsibility of the Service Recipient to ensure the Service Provider may perform the selected services on the property. Please read the terms and conditions set forth on

What Packages Are Offered?

Our motto is to keep it simple by offering two affordable packages: our Deluxe Wash and our Premium Detail, with customized add-ons.

What Is Required From You To Order Services?

Service Providers come fully prepared to bring your car to a full shine with all necessary supplies, including deionized water. Please make sure that you are present at the time of the wash. Also, please ensure that the Service Provider has authorization to wash at your location.

When To Apply Your Promo Code?

Please make sure to enter in your promo code before scheduling your wash.

What To Do When MobileWash Is Locating A Service Provider For You?

Within a few moments of requesting your wash, the app will locate the closest Service Provider within your area or give you the option to schedule a wash at later time if no Service Provider is available for "Wash Now" feature.

How Can You Add Multiple Cars To Your Order?

Within the MobileWash app, select the "Add Vehicle" or "Add Classic" button in order to add a modern or a classic vehicle to your order. Service Providers can add or upgrade your vehicles at any time prior to the start of the services using the MobileWash app.

How Much Are Services?

Services are customized based on year, make, and model of vehicle. A majority of car washes cost $28.49 which makes us the most affordable on-demand interior and exterior service in the industry.

What Benefits Do I Get For Being A Service Recipient?

We have a secure payment method, field inspectors, and the largest network of Service Providers in the industry. Additionally, we offer many discounts, such as our multiple car bundle discount, a fifth wash discount, in addition to some of the most convenient car wash services within the automotive industry.

How Can You Contact Your Service Provider?

When your Service Provider is on the way, you will receive a notification. When you are in the app, you will have the ability to contact your Service Provider. There is an internal call system within the MobileWash app so that you can contact the Service Provider immediately. Service Providers have the ability to contact you by phone or buzz notification, through the app, as well.

What Kind Of Soap Is Used?

Service Providers use only biodegradable, environmentally friendly, paint-safe soap. There is also a waterless, eco-friendly wash available, which is just as safe.

Does MobileWash Accommodate The Limited Water Supply?

Eco-friendly washes can save many gallons of water per wash. Service Providers utilize water-saving soap and equipment to minimize the environmental footprint.

How Can You Tip Your Service Provider?

At the end of your wash, you will have the option to rate and tip your Service Provider, either using a debit or credit card within the app, or in cash. While tipping is not necessary, it is appreciated.

What Is A Pre-Authorization Charge?

Once you request a service, a pre-authorization charge is in place to ensure the credit card on file is valid. Please note that this charge will immediately be voided following the service request. Only the actual total will be charged at the end of the service.