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MobileWash washers scrubbing down a Range Rover for a mobile car detailing.

Detail Car Wash in Bellflower that Lets you See Bellflower

Sometimes, it’s hard to take in all the fun activities that are in your backyard. We get so busy with our jobs, lives and everything else; it can be hard to check out the fun stuff that’s even in your area. Summer is a great time to not only travel but also to see what’s cool in your own neighborhood. MobileWash makes it easy to take in all of the fun activities in your area because it gives you that much more free time. After all, you won’t have to worry about getting to the car wash with our detail car wash in Bellflower.

Our Detail Car Wash in Bellflower

Of course, what sets apart a MobileWash car wash is the professionalism of our detailers. They are true pros, vetted and checked out completely. In fact, they actually have to go through a background check just to get the job. This is no simple “hey, we Google your name” kind of background check. Rather, it’s a stringent, complete background check that’s conducted by experienced professionals. If they get through that, then they have to be trained, and then they have to have the right materials. To make sure that they’re always living up to the high standards of MobileWash, we have QA professionals out on the road to make sure that everything’s done right.

detail car wash in bellflower

Things to See in Bellflower

Bellflower doesn’t get mentioned enough in the conversation of “interesting areas around Los Angeles.” There are things to see and do in Bellflower that you can’t find anywhere else. Of course, one of the first standout places is the Columbia Memorial Space Center. This is a family-friendly space that has all different kinds of information about outer space travel, NASA history and so forth. There’s even a simulator. Remember: your kids are probably going to be far more interested in checking that out than taking a trip to the car wash. So, while we’re washing your car, you can head to the space center and see what’s what.

Special Parks of Bellflower

In addition to the space center, some of the more memorable places to take your kids during the summer months in the Bellflower area include Mayfair Park and Pirate Park. Mayfair Park is a place that needs no introduction to Bellflower residents, as you’re probably already familiar with its pools, playgrounds and more. Pirate Park is something even more unique: a place for kids to play at being pirates, with all kinds of pirate-themed play structures and similar. You could organize a playdate with other parents, bring your kids to the park, and then while you’re watching the kids play, you could have your cars washed by a MobileWash professional detailer. That way, you can all save money on your car washes, due to the bundle discount. It’s one more way to make MobileWash that much more convenient.

Tips for Keeping Clean in summer

When you’re traveling with your kids during the summer months, whether it’s across the country or across Bellflower, it’s not easy to keep your car clean. Of course, we recommend that you use MobileWash to make sure that your car looks its very best inside and out, but we also know that you don’t want to have to call MobileWash every day. So, one of the best, most important tips we can tell someone about keeping the inside of their car clean during the summer is: dry up spills as soon as they happen.

If you have kids in the car, you will have spills. This is one of those ironclad rules; it could be on a stone tablet somewhere. It’s practically a law of science. If you have kids in your vehicle, at some point, there will be spills. Of course, most of us try to blot up the spill as best we can. But, with a child spilling something in your car, you probably have other, bigger concerns. It’s perfectly understandable to try to ignore the spills, and just get on with your day, figuring that you’ll tackle them later.

The problem is that by then, the spills might be totally ingrained into your vehicle. That’s especially true if you leave your car out in the sun. We always recommend having a car carrier with some cleaning implements in it, so that you can keep your car clean as you go. Of course, when the time comes to make sure your vehicle looks its best, the right thing to do is to contact us at MobileWash. We can make your car look its best, no matter what kind of spills or problems that you’ve been dealing with. To get started with MobileWash whether you’re in Bellflower or the surrounding Los Angeles (or even San Diego) area, download the MobileWash app today.