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Toy District


Mobile Car Wash Near Me? 

Yes, we serve the Toy District and nearby L.A. neighborhoods like the Arts District and Old Bank District. MobileWash is the best on-demand car detailing appWe bring the car wash to you! Get the most innovative auto detailing app for iPhone and Android.


Mobile Car Detailing and Auto Detailing in Toy District

Toy District is a 12-Block area in eastern Downtown Los Angeles, bounded by Los Angeles Street on the west, Third and Fifth street on the north and south and San Pedro Street on the east. Its neighbors include, Arts District, Bunker Hill West, Central City East, Chinatown Bartlett, Chinatown College, Chinatown El Pueblo, Chinatown Hill, City West Good Samaritan, City West Pico-Union, City West Wilshire, Civic Center, Downtown Little Tokyo, Fashion District West, Financial District North, Financial District South, Gallery Row, Historic Core Broadway, Jewelry District, North Industrial District, South Park and West of Lincoln Heights. All communities that we also service.


Landmarks and Attractions

Popular with the bargain hunter variety, the establishment of the Toy District began one 1980’s summer when a physics student at UCLA, Charles Woo, took a summer off to help his family members launch ABC Toys; a wholesale business. Less than a decade later, ten Toy District buildings and a distribution company all belonged to the Woo Family, with estimated sales over $30 million annually. Woo single-handedly built up the Toy District by encouraging other Asian-immigrant entrepreneurs, who were buying toys from him, to open their own businesses in the community as well.

With so many years of toy making and distributing is it any wonder that the Toy District is home to some of the coolest places in Los Angeles? Some of the best things to do in Los Angeles, if you’re getting your start in the Toy District, include places like Cal Toys, Tom’s Model, Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle, Little Tokyo, M.S. Toys, Pershing Square, The Broad, OUE Skyspace LA, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, Grand Park, the STAPLES Center, Autry Museum of the American West, Soap Plant, and even the Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Best Car Wash Near Me

Before you head off to collect on spoils of toys galore why not clear out some space in your car and get it all shined up for the adventure with an on-demand car wash from MobileWash. With MobileWash you can have a full-service car wash at your doorstep in minutes! Whether you’re in the Toy District, at home, work, or elsewhere MobileWash will meet you there! Just download MobileWash, enter your location, pick your wash, hit submit, and we’ll be on our way! No other car wash apps can compete with the high quality of service or fast response times delivered by MobileWash.


Toy District Car Wash Service

MobileWash, your car wash app, is the most convenient and cost-effective way to wash your car. Instead of having to drive to a car wash and then wait in line, you can simply download the app, schedule a time, and the mobile car wash will come to you! Trusted by thousands of weekly users, we make it easier than ever to get your car washed at home or at work, so you can spend your time doing what matters. The best mobile car wash app, MobileWash sets itself apart by being a true “on demand” auto detailing app. With MobileWash, you can schedule a wash now and get a detailer to your door in minutes. Rest assured your washer has been thoroughly vetted, background checked, insured, and backed by our quality control assurance team.



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