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Costa Mesa

Mobile Car Wash Near Me? 

Yes, we serve Costa Mesa and nearby cities like Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, and Fountain Valley. MobileWash is the best on-demand car detailing appWe bring the car wash to you! Get the most innovative auto detailing app for iPhone and Android.

Mobile Car Detailing and Auto Detailing in Costa Mesa

Located in Orange County, California, sits the city of Costa Mesa. Since its creation in 1953, the city has rapidly changed from a semi-rural farming community to a primarily suburban and edge city with a strong economy based on commerce, light manufacturing and retail. Its neighbors include, Adams Avenue, Back Bay Gardens, Bluffs, Fairview, Brighton Springs, Canyon Park, Central Mesa Verde, Croftdon, Freeway Triangle, Halecrest, Harbor, Joann, Lower Birds, Marina Highlands, Merrimac Way, Orange Coast-Playport, Princeton Group, Santa Ana Heights, Seabluff Canyon Village, Village Creek and Wimbledon. All communities that we also service.

Landmarks and Attractions

The best landmarks include, Triangle Square, Diego Sepulveda Adobe, Unity Bridge, Costa Mesa Historical Society, Watson Bridge, Old Town Tustin, Ben Carlson Memorial, Orange County Sanitation District Plant 2, 405 Freeway Bridge, Harbor Marina, Newport Pier, Water Fountain, El Camino Plaza, Edlinger Bridge, Segerstrom Bridge over the Santa Ana River, MacArthur Boulevard Bridge, City Hall, McFadden Bridge on Santa Ana River, 1st Street Bridge on Santa Ana River and Westminster Memorial Cemetery.

Local Celebrities

When you think of Costa Mesa, you cannot avoid the gifted athletes, such as, Olympic Swimmer, Mike Barrowman, Olympic high jumper, Sharon Day-Monroe and beach volleyball Olympian, Jake Gibb. If you are more into music, then you are in luck. Costa Mesa hails Jay Bentley, bassist with Bad Religion, Mitch Lucker, the deceased vocalist of Suicide Silence, Mike Ness, singer and guitarist of the punk band Social Distortion and lastly the entire band Of Mice & Men.

Get a Car Wash in Costa Mesa

With all of the commerce going on in the area, Costa Mesa is the best city in SoCal to get your on-demand mobile car wash or detailing from MobileWash. One thing Costa Mesa residents agree on is that there is nothing better than a brand you love and trust. MobileWash is proud to be the name trusted by the people of Costa Mesa for all their mobile car wash and auto detailing needs with hard work and dedication, we started by building the largest network of skilled, insured, professional auto detailers in California. Then, we launched a state-of-the-art mobile car wash app that puts you in control of your car wash experience. Whether you want a car wash now on demand, or prefer to schedule one for later, you get to decide. We’ll be there when you need us at the touch of a button!

MobileWash in Costa Mesa

MobileWash, your car wash app, is the most convenient and cost-effective way to wash your car. Instead of having to drive to a car wash and then wait in line, you can simply download the app, schedule a time, and the mobile car wash will come to you! Trusted by thousands of weekly users, we make it easier than ever to get your car washed at home or at work, so you can spend your time doing what matters. The best mobile car wash app, MobileWash sets itself apart by being a true “on demand” auto detailing app. With MobileWash, you can schedule a wash now and get a detailer to your door in minutes. Rest assured your washer has been thoroughly vetted, background checked, insured, and backed by our quality control assurance team.

Professional Detailers
Nation’s largest team of insured, background checked, and vetted service providers with a dedicated quality assurance crew
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Save $5.00 off every 5th car & bundle 2 or more cars to save $1.00 on each
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We have a dedicated California based customer service team to ensure your auto detailing experience is great from start to finish