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A comparison price chart between Washos and MobileWash packages.

Mobile Car Wash Prices (2019)

  Looking around for the latest mobile car wash prices? Are you wondering, “How much does a mobile car wash cost?”   Having the car wash come to you may be more affordable than you ever would have guessed. At the time of this publication (in April 2019) there are several companies in the Los…

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MobileWash washer does a hand wash on the front of a blue car for a mobile car wash..

Top Consumer Questions Answered

A waterless car wash is never better than an actual car wash. This is because a waterless wash never gives your car a true quality clean. Over time your vehicle will begin to deteriorate. The paint will start to chip. The sun will cause fading. You will likely develop rust. A hand wash is better than automatic because the washing job is usually deemed perfect. Most machines are unable to reach areas on the body of your car, however, handwashing can get the dirt out. Also, automated washes leave water spots and their machines have the capability to damage your vehicle.