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The Necessities of Car Washing

Must-Haves for Washing Your Car It’s winter time, and the driving is dirty. You want to wash your car, but you want to do it right. Unfortunately, that isn’t as simple a dish soap and paper towels. You need the right tools for the job.   Special Suds Contrary to popular belief, it’s not okay…

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4 Car Cleaning Hacks

Most experts encourage you to take your car to a professional car wash sometime between once a week and once a month, depending on your commute and the environment in which you store your car. Any less often than that and you run the risk of getting pollutants into your car’s paint that can damage…

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How often should you really wash your car?

Washing your car offers more than just aesthetic benefits; it also protects the paint and clear coat from damage. Overlooking this otherwise common form of automotive maintenance will result in damage to your car’s exterior. When dirt and debris stick to your car’s exterior, it eats away at the paint and clear coat. Although every…

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Dos & Don’ts of Car Washing

How to properly wash your car  Washing your vehicle is very important. Cleaning a vehicle at least once a week will help keep your main method of transportation looking new, and protect the resale value. Even the smallest dent or patch of rust can knock the value of a vehicle down by thousands of dollars….

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The Perfect Amount of Time in Between Car Washes

  We all want to take care of our cars, whether our cars are brand new, or older and a little neglected, or anywhere in between, and part of regular automotive care is car washing. You may have heard of the golden rule of car washing: once every two weeks. That might seem like a…

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Why Should I get a Clay Bar?

  If you want to get the most out of your detailing service and ensure quality care and maintenance for your car, consider asking your detailer for claying.   Claying is a process that involves the safe removal of bonded contaminants that adhere to the surface of your vehicle and that cause your paint to…

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What is a Full Exterior Clay Bar and What Does it Do?

You’ve probably been perplexed at your nearest automotive superstore when you run across this nifty thing called “auto detailing clay.” To be honest, it’s consistency is much like the stuff you used to play around with as a kid. In short, auto detailing clay is used to remove excess debris from your paint that a…

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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Jack, classic car restorer and longtime owner of a busy detail shop says you should wash your car about every ten days. Here’s why: In a little over a week’s time, your car has accumulated dust, grime, and soil from the road, from the air, and even from those winged creatures above and around you!…

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How the Drought Is Affecting L.A. Car Washes

According to USA Today, “California’s desperate water situation has existed since 2007.” The state isnow putting into place restrictions aimed at meeting a cutback statewide by 25%. Californians have been affected in a myriad of ways and those washing cars have certainly had to make some adjustments. Residents wishing to wash their vehicles at home…

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