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So You Love MobileWash….How to Get Your Friends to Love It Too!

One of the best things about finding a product or service you love is sharing it with your circle of friends and watching them fall in love with it too. One of your favorite services is MobileWash, because you love their convenient application, their attention to detail at each wash, and their wonderful customer service. You feel…

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Hackers Can Now Target Automated Car Washes

Hackers can already break into your laptop or smartphone. Now, they also have the ability to target automatic car washes. If hackers choose to target a car wash, they can damage your vehicle and even trap you inside.   How Hackers Target Car Washes   According to recent research, there are vulnerabilities within the automatic…

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Why You Should Always Wash Your Car With a Clean Cloth

You want your car to look its best. You bought the perfect cleaning fluid and wax. Now, you just have to wash the car. Unfortunately, many people forget an important step in this process. You need to use a clean cloth that is designed for cars. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your vehicle instead…

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