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MobileWash washer doing a car cleaning on an Audi SUV for a mobile car detailing service.

Better Ways to Spend Your Time By MobileWash

MobileWash: The Car Wash That Comes to You!

If you’ve ever typed “car wash near me” into a search engine, there was probably a pretty good reason for it: you didn’t want to have to drive far to get your car washed. You have other things that you want to do with your time instead of having to use it to drive your car to the car wash, wait for your car to get into the car wash area, watch your car get washed, see your car get dried, and then have to drive your car home. Honestly, that was boring just to write that all out. For so many of us, we’ve lived it. In this blog, we’ll go over some more productive ways to spend your time that MobileWash can help with.


Work While Your Car Gets Washed

If you’ve ever taken time from work, even for an hour or two to get your car washed, you know how annoying that can be. You have to lose money just to get your car washed. This can be extremely difficult for those of you who are in the “gig” economy, where we’re working several jobs just to make ends meet. That can cost you more time and money than ever. So, with MobileWash, you don’t have to lose that. You can work while our professional, vetted detailers wash the car. You can look out the window and keep an eye as you work. We’ll get the job done, and best of all, you can, too.

Car Wash at Home

We’ve all been there: you have a long day at the office. All that got you through the day was the thought that you finally got to go home, see your spouse and your kids. Then, just as you get in the car, you realize… you’ve gotta get the car washed. You could go home without getting it washed, but that’s what you’ve been doing for months, so now your car really needs this wash. With MobileWash, you don’t need to choose between seeing your family and a car wash. Instead, you can spend time with the people who are most important to you while your car gets washed at home. This is a true win-win.


Car Wash Party and Save

MobileWash offers multiple car discounts. Get two or more cars washed at once, and save money. This is perfect for a spring party or picnic. You can enjoy the food and company at your party while all of your cars are getting washed. This way, everyone saves money while having their car look great. Imagine going to a party, having a great time, and then at the end of the day, you walk to a freshly washed car!

Car Wash that Works around your Schedule

As you might have surmised from reading this blog, you can pick any event or activity you want to pursue while we wash your car. Our car wash app has opened up a whole new world of convenience. Download it and reclaim your time! Imagine not having to drive to get your car washed ever again! That’s MobileWash, and that’s what we do…come to you.