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Why You Should Use MobileWash Instead of an Automated Car Wash

Your car is a significant investment. After spending lots of time, money, and energy on finding the right vehicle, it only makes sense that you would want to take care of it. While automatic car washes are an easy option, hand washing is better for your car. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you should use the MobileWash app to get your car clean and shiny, without having to leave your house.


Prevent Damage to Your Car

At an automated car wash, the high-pressure jets are not directed by humans. Because of this, they can target the wrong area of your car. They can get water into the wrong spot and cause your paint to peel. The only way to prevent this from happening is by making sure that your car is washed by hand. MobileWash ensures you that your vehicle is in great hands, and will only provide the best care and detail.


Protect Your Car Better

At MobileWash, experienced technicians apply wax once your car is clean. This layer of wax helps to protect your car from UV rays, pollutants, and dirt. When your car is waxed by hand, the wax can last for several months. At an automatic car wash, the wax is only applied in a thin layer. Even the best automatic shops only use wax that lasts for several weeks. By waxing your car by hand, MobileWash ensures that it is protected for longer, and covers all the necessary parts of your vehicle.


Get Professional Care

MobileWash is known as the largest network of technicians. They are recognized as a leader in mobile detailing service because they assure only the best-insured detailers will be taking care of your vehicle. This team of professionals can show up at your home or work within minutes. They know exactly how to care for your car, so you never have to worry.


On-the-Go Options

In modern life, people are constantly busy. When you have to handle work, school, or family responsibilities, finding time to care for your car is difficult. MobileWash can show up at your door within minutes, ready to wash your car. While you’re at home after a long day, relaxing with the family, or getting ready for the next event, MobileWash will be taking care of your vehicle.


Customer Service

MobileWash is recognized for its focus on customer service. This affordable network specializes in high-quality car washing. They offer different packages so that you get the exact services that are beneficial for your vehicle. Unlike MobileWash, an automated car wash does not offer any customer service features. Even if you want customized options, the machine is incapable.


Best of all, MobileWash provides all services through a convenient app. After you download the app, you can use it to get a technician at your door within moments.