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Why You Should Never Use a Rough Brush to Wash Your Car

We Love Our Cars

Our cars are one of our most prized material possessions. Cars are most likely the second most expensive purchase that we make in our lifetime, so we want to take good care of them. Not only do we want to keep up with the mechanical maintenance of our cars, but we also want to make sure that we tend to the exterior of our vehicles as well. Generally, we are proud of our vehicles, and we want them to look sharp and clean as we drive them along on the road. Unfortunately, there may be some unwise cleaning methods that we use when washing our cars. These are methods that can actually damage the paint and the finish of our car, so we would do well to completely avoid them.


Avoid Using A Brush To Wash Your Car

When washing a car, some people choose to use a brush. A brush may seem like a wise option because it can be used to scrub off stubborn dirt and grime, but in reality, a brush is rough, and it does a lot more harm than good. When using a brush to remove stubborn particles of dirt, it will come into harsh contact with the topcoat of the vehicle. This lacquer topcoat is essential to the paint job of the vehicle. It helps to maintain a shiny finish. When pressure is put on the brush, the lacquer topcoat can get scratched, peeled, and damaged.


Put Down The Brush When Washing Your Car

You may believe that you are doing good to the exterior of your car by removing the dirt, but in reality, scrubbing a vehicle with a brush is counterproductive. The little scratches that the brush puts on the car become very visible in the light, and that is what takes away the rich deep color of the paint. Basically, scrubbing your car with a brush will ruin the neat and clean look of your car. It could be compared to scratching your face with a rough brush.


What Should Be Used To Wash Your Car

A microfiber cloth is best to use when washing your car. Microfiber cloths are made with tiny synthetic fibers. These fibers can soak up liquid like a sponge, and they are so soft that they do not scratch the finish of your vehicle. The synthetic fibers also are able to hold on to dirt, dust, and even bugs. When a car is cleaned with a microfiber cloth, it is left shiny and spotless.


Get A Car Cleaning Service That Comes To You

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