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Why You Should Get Your Car Detailed

Car Detailing

Living in Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs, you probably have a lot of options for getting your car cleaned. You may spend your evenings or weekend washing and polishing your car spotless but have you spent time really detailing it recently? You might want to consider taking a step back and letting a professional take a turn to get your car in it’s cleanest state. There are benefits to the car detailing and its very much worth the price you’ll pay for the service.

car detailing

If you don’t have the time to spend extra hours cleaning the interior you can always schedule a Mobile Washer to give it a thorough vacuuming, with MobileWash. It’s healthier for you in the long run to have a clean space to reside in while driving. Think about it, how well do you feel when your hour is cluttered? The same relationship applies to the interior of your car. If the back seats and floors are sticky with spilled juice from your kids or if there is snack dust in the crevices of the seats, you probably won’t enjoy the ride. A clean environment is less distracting and better for your overall mental state. An interior clean will involve processes that you may not even be equipped for which include shampooing the seats, deodorizing the interior and wiping down the dash, windows and other hard surfaces that could be overlooked otherwise.


One other reason why getting a deep detail on your car is that it helps to maintain it’s value. Making sure the interior and exterior are well taken care of can help to maintain the paint and upholstery for longer than someone who leaves it to waste or depreciate. If you have to post images online when you want to resell it’s best to avoid having coffee stained seats or dirt speckled doors and windows. You should also consider paying for car detailing if you want to keep your car cleaned regularly. Having a regular wash is great but getting a deep clean every few weeks will be that extra step to having a long lasting car.


Having a clean car is a powerful way to express to others that you care about your appearance as well. If you are the type of person who wants to reflect a put together appearance in all aspects of your life you should consider a deep clean/detailing of your vehicle. This is especially true if you have a job that involves driving to meet clients. If you’re a realtor or outside sales rep you may want to be sure that you care is clean prior to any scheduled meetings.


If you don’t want to spend the time doing all that work yourself you can download the app, MobileWash, and schedule a cleaning for a time that’s convenient for you. MobileWash washers are available all over California and are on hand, throughout the week, to ensure that your car is as clean as can be. This is all through the precision and quality of MobileWash.