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Why Should I get a Clay Bar?


If you want to get the most out of your detailing service and ensure quality care and maintenance for your car, consider asking your detailer for claying.


Claying is a process that involves the safe removal of bonded contaminants that adhere to the surface of your vehicle and that cause your paint to look dull and eventually develop a bumpy, textured surface. This buildup occurs when your car is left parked outside or can even develop during outings, commutes, or short drives that expose your car to dirt and other environmental debris and pollutants. The debris bonds to the paint of the car and once this occurs, regular washes will not reverse the damage.


Most people do not realize that you do not need to wash your car every day if you utilize claying on a regular basis. Claying leaves a smooth and clean surface, renewing the look of a glossy, new car finish.


The way claying works is through the application of clay, an abrasive compound, which removes tiny particles of debris from the surface of your car. This essential technique is like exfoliation for your car exterior, but without a hint of damage to the paint. Utilizing the clay bar process, there will not be scratches nor there will be any removal of paint; only a clean, revitalized finish to your car’s exterior at the end of the process.


“Most people do not realize that you do not need to wash your car every day if you utilize claying on a regular basis”


Another added benefit of claying is that it preps your car for waxing or paint sealant. Waxing is a common add-on to a car wash, but what many clients don’t realize is that waxing is useless unless you deep clean the surface of the car first. Wax is created to bond to the paint of your car, not to the dirt and debris that has bonded to the paint. That dirt and debris is essentially rendering your wax job ineffective.


The upkeep of your car is a reflection of how you feel, your confidence, and your outlook on life. Once you try claying once, you’ll realize that your car wash and detailing, not to mention the final look of your car, will not be the same without it.


We don’t want your busy schedule to get in the way of your weekly car wash and detailing, which is why we come to youYou can download MobileWash in the App Store and in Google Play by clicking here.  Make sure to select the clay bar and paste wax option.