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Why Are Modern Cars Freaking Out in Automated Car Washes?

Modern cars come with a range of gadgets and safety equipment that are great for drivers. The only problem is that the new technology is not always great for automatic car washes. When it comes to an automated car wash, some cars panic before they can actually be washed.

What Is Going On?

In recent years, there have been a number of advances in automatic driver-assistance safety systems. This might make driving safer, but it is causing problems at car washes. Basically, the system comes with sensory safety features. These features are supposed to protect you from a crash on the roadway. Unfortunately, your car does not always realize that it is off the roads and in a car wash.

Once you go into the car wash’s enclosure, your car thinks that it is in danger. Water sprays as brushes spin close to the vehicle. The safety system that protects you on the roadway becomes overloaded. This essentially causes your car to become disabled.

This is a major problem for car washes that make the driver get out of the vehicle. They place the car in neutral or turn it off. Once the engine is turned off, the car automatically puts itself in park. Most car makers do not have a way around this system.

Certain car brands offer directions for turning off this feature, but usually, it is buried in the owner’s manual or is difficult to disable. Once you have figured out how to successfully turn off this feature, after your wash, you will have to ultimately turn the safety system back on. If you do not, then your new vehicle’s features are essentially worthless when you are on the highway.

Finding an Easy Alternative

Luckily, there is a very simple alternative- MobileWash. MobileWash is an easy to use app that will help you schedule a time for professionals to come to you to clean your vehicle by hand. Hand-washing is actually better for your car, and MobileWash ensures your car will be thoroughly cleaned. Hand-washed vehicles tend to be better protected from the elements as well. The thin coat of wax applied in a car wash generally wears off within just a few weeks. When you apply wax by hand, it can last for three to six months. Washing your vehicle by hand takes time, but with the help of MobileWash, you can have professionals at your door in minutes to take care of your vehicle for you. You no longer have to worry about your new and modern car, because it will get the wash it needs without the negative outcomes from automatic car washes.