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What is a Full Exterior Clay Bar and What Does it Do?

You’ve probably been perplexed at your nearest automotive superstore when you run across this nifty thing called “auto detailing clay.” To be honest, it’s consistency is much like the stuff you used to play around with as a kid. In short, auto detailing clay is used to remove excess debris from your paint that a conventional wash job simply won’t.


What we’re talking about here is an engineered resin compound that is used to remove harsh environmental contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint job, the glass, fiberglass, and even metal. Automotive detailing clay is elastic, designed for durability as it is rolled, flattened, stretched, and smashed over and over again. This material and process removes industrial fallout, rail dust, acid rain, road salt, and brake dust that maintain a presence on your vehicle’s paint surface through rain and less-than-professional-grade car washes.


Many of the environmental contaminants we’ve mentioned contain harmful metal particles that will penetrate your vehicle’s clear coat and viciously attack the paint below. In addition to the contaminants listed above, auto detailing clay can remove soap, tar, bug remains, tree sap, and a number of other threats to your paint job.


Do you need a full exterior clay bar service from MobileWash?


We’d say, if you’ve never had it done, if auto detailing clay sounded like Greek to you when you first started reading this prestigious blog, then you probably do. But, if you’re still not certain, put your hand in a plastic bag and lightly rub your fingers over the surface of your car’s paint. If it feels rough and gritty, like sandpaper, then you should think about springing for our add-on feature in addition to our on-demand deluxe wash or premium detail packages.


Not only will a full exterior clay bar leave your paint smoother than it has ever felt, it will also pave the way to better wax and add paint sealants afterwards. Your car’s look will be more vibrant and uniform from end to end, top to bottom. Our full exterior clay bar service is only $35.


Just for the sake of clarity, and to make sure we’re living in a fact-based culture, we’ll quickly go over some of the things that clay bar won’t be able to do. A full exterior clay bar won’t be able to remove your car’s paint imperfections, like scratches or swirl marks — that job is still left to waxes or an abrasive polish treatment. Clay bar will remove the grunge, which will make waxing and polishing easier and more effective in increasing your vehicle’s shine. We just want to make sure that none of our readers or clients assume that our full exterior clay bar service can completely replace car polish. While it’s true that auto detailing clay does a lot of the legwork, it cannot replace your car’s need for a car polish cleaner.


If you have any additional questions about our full exterior clay bar, make sure to ask your MobileWash on-demand professional car detailer next time you book one of our deluxe wash or premium detail packages. Subscribe to our email list, download our convenient app, and visit our website for online scheduling for additional savings. MobileWash looks forward to bringing the professional auto detailing experience straight to your door!