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What are the Mobile Car Wash Prices in Los Angeles?

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In 2019, as of this writing, the idea of mobile car wash is something that people can get used to. After all, we basically use our phones for everything now. You can find food, an apartment, a job, and even someone to fall in love with on an app – it makes sense that you can also find a car wash. Most people, when they hear that there’s a mobile car wash service that will come to you and wash your car, might think: “I bet that’s really expensive.” Frankly, some of them are. However, MobileWash isn’t. We understand that you want a great car wash but don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage to afford it, so we gauge the mobile car wash prices in Los Angeles accordingly.


Dynamic Mobile Car Wash Prices in Los Angeles

The key to the MobileWash pricing system is our dynamic prices. That means that every single different vehicle has a different price. This ensures that you get the right price for your vehicle. If you have some small sedan, it makes no sense whatsoever for you to pay the same price as someone that has a Hummer. To be clear, if you have a Jeep Patriot you shouldn’t have to pay as much as a person who has a Jeep Grand Cherokee and so forth. You may have read this and thought: “I bet MobileWash doesn’t have my car in their dynamic pricing database.” Actually, we almost assuredly do. Our database goes back to the 1930s. So, as long as your car isn’t a horse-drawn carriage, we probably have a dynamic price on it.


Others Mobile Car Wash Apps Can’t Match

Sure, there are other sites that say they have “prices to fit cars,” but they don’t really. For example, another mobile car wash app (name not to be mentioned here) will charge you an extra $8 if your car is “medium-sized” and more if it’s bigger. As you might imagine, that leads to the question: “what is medium sized?” The answer is: “Uh, give us $8.” This ensnares a wide range of vehicles and still doesn’t make for a fair, dynamic pricing system. We designed our database to be as comprehensive as possible so that everyone’s getting a fair price for their car wash.


The Price of Convenience

Perhaps the most revolutionary part of our MobileWash service is the “Wash Now” function. If you press it, you can book the professional auto detailer closest to you so that they can come to your place and wash your vehicle. You only have to wait how long it takes them to get to you (and if you picked the closest one, it might not be all that long). This service may cost a little bit more, but it’s also giving you a car wash right this moment, that you don’t have to sit around and wait for.

Other apps say that they have an “on-demand” service, but MobileWash and our “Wash Now” is the only true on-demand service as of this writing. If you’ve ever tried to book an immediate car wash through another app, then you know how frustrating that can be. “Now” becomes “well, at some point today,” and then you have to wait around. If you have to schedule something in advance, it’s actually the opposite of “on-demand.” That’s why we’re so proud of a car wash service that brings the car wash to your door as quickly as possible.


Reasonably Priced, Inside and Out

At MobileWash, we plan on being around for the long haul. One of the most rewarding parts of our business is creating a relationship with repeat customers, people who count on MobileWash to wash their vehicle on a consistent basis. We’re able to build those relationships because our washes offer a lot for not so much money. There are other apps out there which will charge you over a $100 for an interior and exterior wash. Our most expensive service, the Premium, is nowhere near that. On top of that, those other services also keep more of the cost of the car wash, keeping it from their detailers.

What makes us especially proud of our prices is the quality of our mobile detailers. Each of our detailers are real experts, who’ve been doing this for a while. They aren’t kids we threw a t-shirt on and sent out into the world. We believe that when you pay a price, any price for a mobile car wash, you deserve to get a wash from someone who genuinely knows what they’re doing, and has all of the right implements to make your vehicle shine. That’s what we offer at MobileWash. To see our prices and book a wash, download our app.