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Use the Latest Technology for the Best Car Wash in Glendale

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In the past, car owners would only have a single vehicle, which would be driven all week and then washed at the weekend, sometimes by the long-suffering son of the family. Times have changed, and domestic and environmental changes mean that it is increasingly unusual for people to wash their vehicles at home. One of the most dramatic changes is the transformation of car wash businesses from location-based individual companies to on-demand mobile services that often cover an entire city. If you want someone else to clean your car this week, then using a mobile app significantly increases your chances of finding the best car wash services in Glendale.

Transforming a business

Research has established that car wash traditions are changing. At the beginning of the century, the majority of car owners would run a sponge over their vehicle at the weekend. However, in the last few years, nearly two thirds of car owners have begun to use car wash services rather than do it for themselves. It is estimated that 8 million vehicles travel to car washes every day, in an industry that is earning tens of billions of dollars annually.

Why have traditions changed?

There are several reasons why car washing has changed so dramatically. Firstly, car washing services can do the job more quickly, and more efficiently, than the car owners themselves. Businesses like Mobile Wash are taking the experience they have of working at car wash locations, and are turning it into more rapid-response services to meet the demands of modern customers. Secondly, modern US residents increasingly rely upon electrical gadgets to do their work for them – from ordering dinner to meeting partners and setting a daily schedule – it should therefore be no surprise that online ordering has become an option for the car wash.

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On-demand car washing across the world

Companies operating in the Western world, including Europe, the UK and Australia as well as the US, are more likely to turn to mobile car wash services in the next few years. These are the markets ready for app-based businesses, and customers are likely to have a better relationship with the business if they can reach out to them online. Estimates show that a third of app users regularly engage with the app, visiting more than 10 times in a calendar month. Car washing businesses are therefore more likely to be successful if they start using apps on mobile systems to communicate with their customers. The app method is also a good way of engaging with a new customer base, particularly for car wash services which may have previously relied upon traditional customers above the age of 35.

Conveyor car wash or mobile app?

As a customer, you may wonder whether your car would receive the best service using traditional methods, such as the conveyor wash, or if there might be more potential from the mobile app. Nearly a third of drivers choose to use the conveyer wash, and modern customers are often disappointed with the wait and the final result. As more new cars arrive on the road, and the number of cars owned by a family increase, it is likely that taking them all to the car wash will be too time consuming. If you have been thinking about trying out a professional mobile service, then there is no time like the present. Start looking for car wash apps today, and you could be arranging a wash and detail service while you are at lunch, or when you arrive home.

Fixing the app function

There are a few reasons why apps have not been taken up by as many customers as expected. Lack of knowledge is the primary reason, as customers simply do not realize that the service is available. This can be fixed with advertising. Secondly, customers tend not to wash their cars as frequently as in the past, and so businesses would need to encourage potential customers to see this as a regular, repeated service. The potential is there and if you want to be part of a modern innovation, installing a mobile app on your phone is the first step towards using on-demand car washing services.

Use app ordering for the best car wash in Glendale

The whole world is at the touch of a button when you use online ordering. With the modern car wash app available from Mobile Wash you can order a wash and detail service at your current location or book it in advance. Your car will be cleaned according to the package you select, and everything can be done online. You can tailor the app to your particular car model and make, and talk to our California customer service team by calling (888) 209-5585 today.