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Uber or Lyft Driver? Keep your Car Clean with MobileWash

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When you sign up to drive with Uber or Lyft, you are informed about the risks and benefits of the job. However, you are rarely informed about how messy it can get. Some passengers are polite and considerate of your car, but others treat it as a Third World taxi. MobileWash is the service that you need to keep the car’s interior clean.

Just Enough Care Is Right

Too much or too little soap is not recommended. The same idea also applies when you use MobileWash. Use it only when you truly need it and not whenever someone spills a drink on the seat.

Start off with a test to see how well the detailers work on your car. Then, decide how often to use this service. The cleaning schedule depends on how often you drive and who you drive. However, one passenger could make a mess that takes days to clear out. The general rule is to clean at least once a month. For daily drivers, the rule may change to every two weeks.

The Detailers Are Professionals

The people who you drive around are not all trustworthy. In contrast, the detailers at MobileWash are all reliable, experienced professionals. photo of man cleaning his car They arrive on time every time and contact you if there is any problem. They do not stop until they do a thorough cleaning of your car that meets your satisfaction.

Fast Services

When you pick up some clients for rides, they do not always come out on time. You may have to honk the horn to get their attention. MobileWash arrives at your destination wherever you are, whether it’s at home or work. You don’t even have to drive into a car wash station or talk to an attendant in person.

Variety of Services

The three main packages are an express wash, deluxe wash, and premium detail. The express wash is the fastest and most affordable service that is completed in minutes. The deluxe wash is available if you want a thorough cleaning at an affordable cost. The premium detail is the deepest cleaning service that includes vacuum, window cleaning, and rim shining.


MobileWash is the most advanced form of car detailing in the industry. It comes with an easy-to-use app that allows you to choose the type of cleaning package. Detailers can arrive at your destination within minutes and get started immediately. With America’s largest network of professional service providers, your vehicle will always be in prime condition. This is perfect for any Uber or Lyft drivers. Visit our website to obtain an instant quote.